Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Like Tag Team, We're Back Again

During the Humpday Hiatus I’ve had time to hear two favorite new songs:  #Sheppard Geronimo and #misterwives reflections

During the Humpday Hiatus I’ve had time to see two great new movies: Intersteller (of course) and Edge of Tomorrow

During the Humpday Hiatus I watched Winter’s Tale a second time (liked it even better) . . . might be in my top five of all time.  Buyers beware, you’ll either give it a ten out of ten or a zero out of ten.  It’s more polarizing than Rush Limbaugh and Michael More.

#KelceWasDown and Fasano was not a total doofus (for once)


#Draftday was actually a good movie

It’s a year away, I refuse to get excited about #StarWars yet. But I’ve watched the #JurasicWorld trailer about 50 times. #SoccerBallWithAHead

#tacobell rolled tacos taste like microwaved taquitos from your grocer’s freezer. But they do come with nacho cheese . . . I’m going back for more.

Boyken’s double pass makes me raise my knee and stiff arm

I will never get shaved with a straight razor.  I’m pretty sure you have about a 50% chance of coming out of that alive.

Doc brown’s iPhone camera had the facial recognition “square”. How the hell did they know that was going to be a thing.

#IHadADream My boss in Topeka gave me the news that I’ve been promoted to Detective (but in Lawrence).  He said he had asked for me to be promoted in Topeka, but he still hadn’t heard.  I told him I would stay in Topeka if I got the detective offer, but otherwise I was going to take the job in Lawrence.  The tarantula got loose, then somebody accidentally stepped on it (killing it of course) . . . those things aint cheap.

*** They said, “Can’t be done.”
*** But dreams know no boundaries.

*** The Triple Lindy.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Very Royal Series

New FREE contest for writers of women’s fiction Judged by agent @PaulaSMunier - via @chucksambuchino

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Royal(s) with Cheese

49 cents - it was worth it for the box alone.

#ChiefsKingdom 142.2 decibels

#Royals are on a 7 game winning streak in post-season play.

I don’t plan on ever getting a shave at the barber with a straight razor, because I’m guessing there is about a 50% chance of dying from a slit throat

Marvel #EasterEgg

I discovered Pretzel Pizza at #LittleCeasars.  On an unrelated note, I will be obese by Christmas.
#Anchorman is rare exception in all moviedom where the outtakes are actually worth watching. 

Maybe a dingo ate your baby

Me and Jonah saw #Guardians best movie since #Avengers . . . really good.  I didn’t know I’d be crying in both the opening and ending scenes . . . I’m crying right now

#Guardians is only the fourth movie in a decade to have four number one weeks at the box office.  The other three?  Only Hunger Games, Dark Knight, and Avitar.
Thirty-two ounce diet doc and 2 corndogs for $2 at 7:00 AM . . . best breakfast ever

Stonehenge mystery “deepens”

Bye Bye #BK

#Interstellar trailer #4 is out.  Once again they pose more questions than they answer.  I can’t wait.

Do you ever sit and wonder if maybe, just maybe, salsa is ruining Mexican food?”

Robert downy jr says #Guardians is best Marvel movie

How come whenever I order a large drink at #Panda, they always ask me if I’m sure I want a large.

#IHadADream the ghosts, both good and bad (angels and demons) have an ability called “shrinks”, which they use to hide themselves from people.  But shrinks are getting harder and harder to use as people evolve and their imaginations get better and better.  The Fire Angel turns people into Fire People (apparently).

*** There is no standing still.
*** Run.  Run Hard.  Run with a passion.
*** Always hold down B.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket

I had been stuck on a Freecell game for weeks.  I probably failed 50 times.  I handed my phone to Lara and she beat it on the first try in about 5 minutes, saying “I thought you said it was hard”.  L

#FlashbackTo1993 in honor of Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson, I thought it would be a good time to once again remember Carl “the tooth” Williams.  Hollering 1-8-7 with my glove in your mouth fool!

Speaking of hashtag Lara.  Did I tell you about the time we watched the Dark Knight 2, and 5 minutes into the movie she makes the following predictions:  Mol from Inception is the real bad guy, not Bane.  Joseph Gorgeous Levitt is Robin.  And Alfred will finally see Bruce at the CafĂ© at the end of the movie.  True story . . . except she referred to Robin as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  pssh

It’s that time of year again for the #HuntForOctober (I know, who cares, right?)  Well I care, because this will be the last best-of-seven series ever.  Next year the Cubbies sweep Miami in 5. #Lub

Sometimes I’ll have gas, and I’ll think “That’s weird, I didn’t eat healthy yesterday”

Hey Leedog, are you up for #BurningMan14

Did you hear about the guy who broke into the parked car that had a baby inside, melting in the sweltering heat.  When they got in there, the baby had no pulse . . . because it was a doll.

#Snickers does always satisfy

I watched #WintersTale it was great! 

Trailer No. 3 for #Interstellar is out.  It shows the least amount of plot yet, and I’m triply intrigued

Some nerds on the internet did the math . . . #Mario runs twice as fast as #Sonic

#IHadADream Me and Leedog went to workout at Lara’s gym.  It’s a place where Nikki, Rene, and Kristen Bell routinely visit . . . in fact, they were all there!  We changed in the lobby instead of the locker room because we didn’t know “the rules”.  Everyone flipped out when we started lifting weights naked.

#HaikuByStu Conquer “The World” . . . #8bit Style
*** Endure blood, sweat, tears.
*** Cast Dragon into Lava.
*** Surprise! Wrong Castle.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week of Stew

I think Carrie Matheson’s boss is my favorite character of all time.  #PrincessBride

Not to be confused with my favorite actor of all time.  

Another golf #snoozefest .  #Tiger please get well soon.

Homeland Season 2 is great.  They have such good acting on those premium cable shows.

I was dropping off a yard sign at 4218 Moundview.  That’s when I found out there are two houses (literally two houses apart) that have the same address.  How does that happen?

Speaking of yard signs, #VoteForBecky

It’s 2014, can we please figure out as a society how to print from a web browser.

Thirty-two ounce diet doc and a coney for $2 at 7:00 AM . . . best breakfast ever 

Sometimes one hit wonders are really good.  Remember how great #FionaApple was?  That song was like once-in-a-decade good.  I think #MegMeyers Desire is that type of good.

That dog is the luckiest life form on earth.

#IHadADream A stray beagle lived inside the spigot on my house.  So I put a saucer of water out for him.  He came out of the spigot and had his fill of water and then he ran off.  Then a golden retriever puppy came out.  He too had his fill before running after his beagle friend.  “They’ll come back” I said, “if they know what’s good for them.”

*** I wake, cold, bruised, stuck.
*** Must reach, need weapon from ice.
*** Clear Mind, use the Force.

#FirstWorldProblems #PandaExpress

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thrice Bitten

THIS JUST IN of the week #JowHumpday : Tried #PandaExpress for the first time . . . Where has this been all my life?

#KingJames LeBack?

I never understood the “ #SillyRabbit Trix are for kids” commercial.  I mean, the rabbit is a kid rabbit, so it should be OK.

I think #CapitalCities – Safe and Sound, is my favorate video.  The actual song itself, is definitely in my top one thousand favorite songs.

West Ridge Lanes burger better than Gage Bowls.

THIS JUST IN of the week:  #JackWhite – Alone in My Home, incredible.

#IHadADream I went to the pizza hut corporate headquarters to pick up my pizza.  They were running a promotion where you could bring in your old pizza and get a discount on a new pizza.  So I had a slice in my zipper pocket (Napoleon Dynamite Style).  While waiting outside for service, I taught some kids how to juggle.  Then my father-in-law flew by with a helicopter hat.  He hovered like Kazoo, the green genie from Flintstones.

*** Berets, escargot,….
*** Nothing good came from France, but

*** Au Jus and Jean Luc.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Only 67 Cents!

I’ve watched the trailer for #Interstellar ten times since we last met.  Each time I learn something new, and fall deeper into obsession.

When your addicted, it makes it taste so much better.

Wow, I’m finally watching #SarahConnorChronicles .  Season 2 off the hook!  The plot is as deep at trying to watch a season of #TwentyFour, guest written by the #WachowskiSiblings while inside the 3rd level of an #inception dream.

Who knew #BrianAustinGreen was actually a really good actor.  #SarahConnorChronicles

Another snoozer of a #USopen Golf needs #Tiger.

#Expendables3 Trailor. #OhSnap

I haven’t stepped in dog poop in years.  When I was a kid I used to step in dog poop on the daily.  Conclusion:  If you aint stepping in dog poop, you aint living.

#KnoxHamilton buy stock now

#IHadADream Jim M. and I played a game on the tennis court that was like tennis but is played on wax paper with an Alien.  Leedog took in a stray dog.  I joined the football team at K-State but I kept getting into trouble for playing on the roof of the Vanier Complex.  Bill hates that.

*** White Castle Surprise,
*** How I met your mother’s best, . . .
*** Why we love Doogie? 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Santa Maria

Warning Pistachios contains Pistachios

Did you see the trailer for the show #Constantine ?  I won’t sleep for weeks

Yuck! Unlike #ChristinaApplegate , this movie does not age well.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane…. I guess we won’t win two national championships in a row now, we’ll just have to settle on one #FirstWorldProblems


I can’t wait to go ape… #ceasar

It’s like the 1985 movie “2010” all over again.  You know because of the cold war, in 2010 Russia and USA have totally separate space programs.

#FlashbackTo1988 #MadBalls

#interstellar trailer is out…it shows less plot than the teaser #phoghorn

#IHadADream I went to compete in the Olympics.  My apartment/hotel room had a little creek running just outside the sliding glass patio door.  Drowned in the creek was a dead wolf.  Four coyotes were using another dead wolf as a raft, floating above and protecting their prize catch, the other dead wolf.  Then two baboons showed up to fight the four coyotes for the submerged wolf.  Finally the animals left the area with all the commotion of the Olympics.  So I dragged the dead floating wolf into the apartment.  Then it came back to life, terrorizing everyone inside.  Run!

“The hot (pilot) seat”
*** I’ll go anywhere.
*** Give me a phaser and a com.
*** one rue, no red shirt.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Addition Edition 5.0

Hello #5

They made two of these things? #5

#JackIsBack  I’ve never been so excited for a 24 season

Me and Jason saw this on the shelf and both stopped in our tracks #ChanningTatum

#JackIsBack I’m going to wait to watch on home video

An American wins the Boston Marathon!  Don’t forget that the Patriots won the superbowl a few months after 911 #NoConspiracy

The best part about the hospital….This is across the street

Is it just me or does #GeneHackman ruin #Unforgiven ? I just can’t take it seriously.


I give #WaffleTaco an A+, Breakfast Burrito gets an A- and crunchwrap gets a C+.

Is it just me or does #GeneHackman make #Hoosiers ?

Scottland might actually win freedom. No thanks to #Braveheart

Just watch T2 again.  LOL casualties = 0.0

Five of us decided it was time to go to Texas and fight.  Fight for what?  I don’t remember.  We were also fugitives for some reason, so we had to drive instead of fly.  We decided to ride in Steve Sandburg’s Delorean so we could go unnoticed.  Leedog brought a bunch of real AK-47’s with orange plastic tips on the end of the barrel (clever).  We were to rendezvous at the airport, so while waiting for the Delorean, I peed in the back of a cab, but when the driver got mad, I told him I had thought the seat was tilted back and I had meant to pee on the floor.

*** Why “B” before “A”?
*** Why blow in Zelda cartridge?
*** Don’t ask.  Just accept.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week Batman

This picture blows my mind:

#CountdownTo2012 Don’t worry, the 30 recent incidents of the KC Sniper are each totally unrelated, random, and not likely to reoccur.

Hurry back Tiger.  Golf is a snooze fest.

#CountdownTo2012 Blood Moon Tetrad

#IHadADream They evacuated London and the Queen was left behind with the riff-raff, so I went in and saved her.  But I needed the receiver of an old touchtone phone to get her out of the country.  Where am I going to find that?  So I went looking at the local high school, Denver’s finest Catholic Academy.  When I arrived, the science teacher (Jeremy Renner) was wowing the whole school in an assembly in the gym by using “Magic Tricks” with fire.  Another teacher, John Elway was not very impressed.

“M. Night Marooned”
*** Are you stuck on Earth?
*** Just Repeat: Danger is real,

*** But fear is a choice.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guess Who Else was 33 in Time for Easter Leedog

Fort Hood Prayers

Mudslide Prayers

Maybe is spelled with a capital M.

#CountdownTo2012 White Monolith

Did you see the trailer for #TheDrop ?  #TomHardy is officially the best actor of all time.

#CountdownTo2012 Mars Earth Sun align

This is from a 1997 episode!

Rip #peaches #LubHumpday #LubCreepyHand

#IHadADream I had spring break off, so I went back to work at the movie theater.  The new manager was the former City Engineer of Lawrence.  They wouldn’t post the work schedule on the wall in the back room, citing privacy rights.  So I spent the first hour of my shift wandering the halls, wondering what I was supposed to do, and hoping that none of the movies needed to be started by me already.  For some reason I carried a concrete block around with me.  It was about the size of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  It was surprisingly light.  Or I was expectedly strong.  Kiss the guns.

*** Surprises are fun.
*** But no twist was as big as,
*** Samus’s two-piece.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zebra Stripes

Coach Calamari is going to win it all.  I’ve said it a million times, all the best coaches are Italian…or they’re creepy.

I love Calamari

Megan the Fox has no lines in Turtles trailer.  Well played Michael Bay.  You’ve won this battle, but you won’t win the war.

Royals are Royals.

Do you ever get a craving for an obscure bad movie?  Like just today I suddenly need to watch Sly Stalone’s 1996 “Daylight”.   Good thing I’ve still got it on VHS.

CountdownTo2012:  Animals RUNNING from Yellowstone’s super-volcano

Remember the disc that tommy lee jones held in MIB?  “This will replace CD’s soon” …WTF it was just a scaled down CD! It wasn’t even cool-looking in 1997.

Tiger is out next week.  I don’t even think I’ll watch the Masters.

#IHadADream Me and the boss were out of town for a meeting.  I had to run into a grocery store to go #2.  But the bathroom was a “laydown type” with mice in it.  I had an “accident” while trying to maneuver in that tight space.  It took me an hour to get cleaned up and meanwhile the boss was in the car, mad.

“McReady’s Plan”
*** Let’s burn the bustards.
*** All shape-shifters are the same.
*** First, get me some scotch.