Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Let's Play Some Basketball

Haha. I was just remembering when we used to climb the rope in gym class. There we were suspended 30’ above the hardwood, Mr. Turner would place a quarter inch thick pad on the floor to “save” a kid if they ever fell. The pad was four feet wide at the most. I can picture Mr. Turner at the court proceedings: “I put padding down, what else do you people want from me!”.

Cloverfield 3 was the bomb. Can’t wait for part 4 this summer. I heard the English gal from Orient Express is going to be in part 5. #LastJedi

#IHadADream one night a few weeks ago. It was so horrible I can’t bear reliving the details. I was so glad when I woke from it. It just so happened that the nightmare was on the same night of the Alex Smith trade. When I saw the bad news on sportscenter in the morning I was wishing I was back in the dream. #RedHumpday

I was downloading a 17 megabyte file and I remarked about how I was fortunate that “it was a small file so I wouldn’t have to wait long” . . . so that made me recall a classic leedog story from high school which I was going to add as an item in this week’s newsletter but then I realized it was such a funny story, I probably already told it in a previous weekly. So I went to the archives and found it. Three years ago. Click the link for the whole issue, it was a good one. Enjoy.

Do you remember when you’d tune in to one of your favorite shows like say MacGyver, and you were all excited for a full new episode but something would happen at the beginning of the episode that would make MacGyver remember a previous episode then they’d jump cut to a clip and about 5 seconds into the clip your all like “aw man it’s one of THESE episodes”. Despicable.

So I bought this peanut butter that only has one ingredient “Peanuts”. I took the first bite and I couldn’t believe it. It doesn’t taste like peanut butter, it tastes exactly like peanuts! There should be a warning on the label. Despicable.

I saw the killer from the Movie “Urban Legends” walking down the street yesterday.

Seriously, produce some new content MacGyver! We’re only talking once a week. Geesh.

Stew Year’s Resolution: I’m only listening to pod casts that suck. Now I can listen at work and not worry about being distracted by the content of the pod cast. Just yesterday I found a really terrible one, it’s great!