Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13.17 Watson and Crick

Forgive me for the week week, hopefully this picture makes up for it:

Poppy of the Week (Bow):  FCC lets him be

I still miss Frank

Kahn and Zod….our two most favorite villains from childhood are back….in the same summer!

They’re cleverly calling it “The College Football Playoff”

Threes of the Week (3ow): Reese, Michaels, 3 Doors Down

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Leon Sandcastle….please please please please

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

13.16 - Two if by Sea


Prayers go out to Boston

I almost converted my 401k to Bitcoins, but I stopped at the last minute.  Anyone else thinking mark of the beast?

I watched the Desendents.  Incredible performance by the actress who played the daughter.  You go Mary Jane!

Holy epic trailer Batman!  Man of Steel trailer, version #3 just hit the streets.  I’m ready to start camping out for tix right now.

White men can’t jump in expendables 3

Tiger hit, maybe the best shot of his life…and he lost four strokes for it.  (He should have won).  Tiger!!!

RIP:  Pat Summerall.   Oh how many hours did I spend perfecting my Tony Gonzo Z-out pattern for firsts downs with Pat as my background music.

Have you seen the trailer for Hunger Games:  Part 2?  It’s got Philip Seymore Hotstuff

Iron Man:  Part 3 in 4DX

Turbo Tax website crashed on April 14.

Times Square has the ball drop, The French Quarter has Marty Graw, now Colorado is expecting a big tourist draw for 420. 

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 Axes and allies

Did you watch the Wheat Shockers?  That was Rocky losing to Apollo Creed  (or Billy Dee Williams as Leedog calls him)


Mack Brown is now the only public school coach who makes more money than Bill Self.


Kcow:  Still got eyeballs?  How about tunnels? - Lub


Threes:  RIP Siskle ‘n Ebert, Annette, and the Iron Lady


Wow:  Zero TV - Lub


Carrie remake actually looks good

Sirius(ly) creepy

Wow2: Manatee Gray - Lub


Bird Flu Back


Buck Wild no more


Fracking Awesome!  US has over 100 years of natural gas


Chris Webber Jr. and Penny Hardaway’s kid almost pulled it off….too much Gipper karma to overcome.


Remember in the late 90’s when Damon, Dye, and Sweeney were losing games 14-15 and 17-18 etc.   Now were losing games 0-1 and 2-1, etc.  Where’s the Stick!


Kstate loses in the Final Four!!!.....of the NIT…….women’s NIT……Yes, there is women’s NIT……Yes, there is women’s basketball


First there was Al Bundy, then Family Guy, now fox is really pushing the envelope….by going off the air?  Top that NBC!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Your finger

Flashback to 1987:  Markie Post 

Got eyeballs?   You sure?


When did Billy Donavin (Eddie) turn old?


Easter of the Week (Ow):  Easter can be as early as March 22.  The last time Easter fell on 3-22 was 1818 (same year as the war of 1812), and the next time will be sometime in the late 23rd century.


Break a leg Wheat Shockers


LEGO pulls controversial Jaba’s Palace


Sports teams from KU never win inside a football stadium.


T.O. is just trying to feed his family some clam chowder


Why does Kim Jung ||| Jr. have a different last name than Kim Jung ||| the first.


Who’s gonna replace Jimmy?


Cart paths?  Bubba aint got time for that.