Wednesday, December 28, 2016


In the year two thousand and twelve #countdownto2012

The fall classic reminds me how much I miss Harry Carey  . . . (That’s Will Ferrel’s version of course)

Fall Classic??? How long has it been since we’ve done one of these?

Speaking of waiting a long time . . .  Friday the 13th Part 13! I’ve literally been waiting my entire life

Jonah asked what a power glove was . . . 6 hours later we were here:

Yes this is a real place and yes I’m thinking road trip.

Can I go back to 1989?

Did the death star blow up Burger King at 37th and Topeka Blvd?

*** Chiefs hope superbowl
*** So you’re saying there’s a chance?
*** A million to one


Grandma Tarkin looked like a super Nintendo character. Awesome!
#CountdownTo2012 #RogueOne