Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Wow: pareidolia – Lub


Road Trip:  State Fair turns 100


Did you hear about the prankster in Montana who dressed up in a Big-Foot suit and thought it would be funny to scare some motorists on the highway?   You can guess how this story ended….with a toe tag….a BIG toe tag.


I went to 5th Avenue:   No big deal.  It’s basically a poor man’s Butterfinger.  L


In “2010: The year we make contact”, a boy had poster of an Olympic sprinter on wall with the title “Beijing 08”.  In real life, Beijing wasn’t selected until the early 2000’s.  The movie was filmed in 1983.


I red boxed “ATM”.  It’s “Saw” meets “Joy Ride”.   So basically, awesome.


First August that I ever needed hand lotion and chap stick.


Office over.


Pee-Wee 60.


Remember in the 80’s when they said we would all be dead by the turn of the century from African killer bees migrating north from central America?  Now the buzz word (pun intended) is West Nile Virus.  Didn’t we already debunk this farce about 10 years ago?  Come on, give me a break.  Bird flu, swine flu, who gives a sh……….. (that’s from Happy Gilmore)


Jets:  First team since the 70’s, not to score a TD in 3 pre-season games


Speaking of Windows ’95, why are we still using the same operating system, almost 20 years later.  Think of how far software came in the previous 20 years before 1995.  Sandra Bullock ordered a pizza online in 1995….easily. 


Does anyone want to go in and split the cost of a west nile appocolypse survival bunker?


Three perfect games so far this year (most ever).  I remember Kenny Rogers like it was yesterday.  At the time, I think they only had one about every ten years or so.  I don’t know if lowering the mound a few inches is going to fix it this time.  Maybe we need to put them in fox holes.


Batman III cracks top 10 all-time box office sales.  I wonder how much it would have made.


I’m addicted to 5th Avenue trips.  I’m up to like 1.2 BPD’s (bars per day)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 NCAA Shirt

It’s the Nebraska Furniture Mart of home improvement stores, that is if Nebraska Furniture Mart is Buckingham Palace.  The excellence is noticed, even before you enter the building; first you are hypnotized by the all-concrete parking lot with luxurious 10’ wide parking stalls, then you walk through the turn-styles and feel like a kid at Worlds of Fun.  They got groceries, sporting goods, DVD’s and for the peace day rĂ©sistance, they even had some sort of Little Debbie snack that I had never seen before that resembled a ding dong (in looks only).  Bye-bye Lowes.  Bye-bye Home Depot.


Wow: desist - Lub


We should have known then, what we know now:  Chasing Pavements slipped under our noses.


The trailer for “Red Dawn” is out.  It looks….ok.  Captain Kirk’s dad, Captain Kirk, reprises the Patrick Swayze roll!  It was originally filmed with China as the bad guy, but outside pressure forced the filmmakers to Change the flags from China to North Korea, with computer graphics in post-production.


I got in line at the Paola McDonalds at 10:25 on Monday.  The chap in front of me ordered 3 chicken sandwiches and 2 fish sandwiches.  The clerk said, and I quote: “I’m serving breakfasts, pops”.  The man reluctantly changed his order to 5 Sausage McMuffins with egg.  I then stepped up and ordered 1 bacon-egg-cheese-bisk.  The clerk said:  “We are no longer serving breakfast”.  I almost went “Falling Down” on him, but I was late for a meeting and I kindly stormed out.


Sporting wins open cup. The prize is rich in tradition; older than the Lambardi Trophy, older than the Stanley Cup……Nobody noticed


F-Bomb now in Dictionary.


Menards had slightly unorthodox checkout lanes….I’m never going back.


History:  Perhaps the most recognizable song in America (including the Star Spangled Banner):  “Home on the Range”  was written in 1872 in Kansas, about Kansas by a Kansas pioneer.


If the $350 Mill doesn’t hit tonight, were doing a pool for the next one.


Legacy and Tradition:  See attached Tee.  The back of the shirt says: “Overstepping Their Bounds And Punishing The Innocent”  This shirt is sold in the Penn State book store.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Wow:  mete – Lub


Sorry, I don’t have as many news stories to comment on this week.  I have been going “media silent” as to not get Olympic spoiler updates.  Although Jason finds a way to spoil most of the outcomes for me anyway.  Thanks Jason, what a good friend.


IRS considers value of Olympic gold medal as income, taxes Olympians.


Hey Jason:  tonight I’m going to watch “Planet of the Apes”, “Sixth Sense”, and “Psycho”, maybe you can tell me the ending, before I watch it.


We all heard the story that Lockte pees in the pool during races, but my question is about that urban legend where the water turns color when you pee in the pool.  That’s got to be made-up, right?


2-time NCAA National Champ (soon to be 3-time) from K-State took the silver in high-jump.


I found 5th Avenue.  (It’s at the corner of 17th & Washburn)