Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Like Tag Team, We're Back Again

During the Humpday Hiatus I’ve had time to hear two favorite new songs:  #Sheppard Geronimo and #misterwives reflections

During the Humpday Hiatus I’ve had time to see two great new movies: Intersteller (of course) and Edge of Tomorrow

During the Humpday Hiatus I watched Winter’s Tale a second time (liked it even better) . . . might be in my top five of all time.  Buyers beware, you’ll either give it a ten out of ten or a zero out of ten.  It’s more polarizing than Rush Limbaugh and Michael More.

#KelceWasDown and Fasano was not a total doofus (for once)


#Draftday was actually a good movie

It’s a year away, I refuse to get excited about #StarWars yet. But I’ve watched the #JurasicWorld trailer about 50 times. #SoccerBallWithAHead

#tacobell rolled tacos taste like microwaved taquitos from your grocer’s freezer. But they do come with nacho cheese . . . I’m going back for more.

Boyken’s double pass makes me raise my knee and stiff arm

I will never get shaved with a straight razor.  I’m pretty sure you have about a 50% chance of coming out of that alive.

Doc brown’s iPhone camera had the facial recognition “square”. How the hell did they know that was going to be a thing.

#IHadADream My boss in Topeka gave me the news that I’ve been promoted to Detective (but in Lawrence).  He said he had asked for me to be promoted in Topeka, but he still hadn’t heard.  I told him I would stay in Topeka if I got the detective offer, but otherwise I was going to take the job in Lawrence.  The tarantula got loose, then somebody accidentally stepped on it (killing it of course) . . . those things aint cheap.

*** They said, “Can’t be done.”
*** But dreams know no boundaries.

*** The Triple Lindy.