Wednesday, May 30, 2012



They caught the killer of the world’s first Milk-Carton-Kid!


Countdown to 2012:  Simian Foamy Virus is the next HIV, no big dilly


Speaking of ABCs, do you remember that group “Another Bad Creation”?  I heard the song “playground” on the 90’s channel coming into work today.  Weren’t they a bunch of kids, or am I thinking of Criss-Cross?


You’re wondering what is 4k?  It’s got 8.8 million pixels, that’s like a 9 megapixel photo for each frame!  1080p is about 2 million pixels.  The 4K stands for roughly 4000 pixels wide, whereas 1080 means 1080 pixels tall.  They think that future technology might allow a 4k movie to fit onto a blu-ray disc, but good luck streaming it from Netflix without google fiber (requires 20 Mbps).  I guess that new 60” LED that you just bought is basically a paperweight.  HAHAHA


Avengers:  Fastest to 500 Mills


MIBIII:   <<<Insert Ren & Stimpy Foghorn Sound>>>


Last month was the 20 year anniversary of the Rodney King Riots (remember the sublime song?)  It made me think of the Doogie Howzer, M.D. episode with The smurfs Neil Patrick Harris.  He was treating dozens of people in the hospital who had gotten hurt in the riots, and one guy was carrying a brand new ghetto-blaster (stolen of course), well anyway, if I remember correctly, Doogie had a talk with him and turned his life around.


Word of the Week (WOW):  Rustication – Look it Up, Bitch (LUB) Pardon my French


I think Robert Zimekus has made two movies in his whole career that were better than terrible.  It just so happens that they were maybe two of the best movies of all time.


A lawyer, a dentist, and a naked-cannibal walk into a bar……..too soon?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Looks like we got another Citizen Kane on our hands

After watching Ghost Protocol, I was jones-ing for more mission, so I re-watched MI-III.  I had forgotten that in order for him to “get the girl”, Ethan Hunt pretends to be a Transportation Engineer.  Works every time.


One in three divorce filings contain the word ‘”Facebook”.   More on apocalyptic evil androids later.


I just saw that movie, “Regarding Henry”.  It’s the one where Harrison Ford gets brain damage and has to learn to walk and talk again.  In the beginning of the movie, John Legozommo shoots Dr. Jones twice, once in the forehead, but strangely enough, it was the bullet in his shoulder that caused the brain damage.


The Avengers pulled into 5th place all time ticket sales, and they show no sign of slowing down.


Meanwhile, at $20 mill, Battleship had the worst opening weekend of any $200 million movie.  Even John Carter was able to make 25 (ouch).


Did you hear about the SEC/Big12 bowl?  This is supposed to be the equivalent to the Rose Bowl.  So the analysts are saying that this could be the four-team playoff someday, with the winner of this bowl and the winner of the rose bowl to play for the national championship.  Sorry ACC and Big East, but as a consolation, the transition to flag football will come naturally for them.


New Era:  This week we had the first commercial space flight to the international space station.  Evil androids are next.


Speaking of the apocalypse, they say that the reason the Facebook price was so inflated, was because they are assuming that someday they will be able to make additional profits from sources that are yet discovered.  For example, they think that someday all online activity will need to go through facebook, so facebook will be a requirement for commerce.   Hmmm, I think I have heard this before, like in the book of revelation.  Yikes, Sell your stock before the price hits $6.66


I’m not joining facebook.


We live in scary times.  Evil is everywhere.  Silver lining:  Trailer for Anchorman 2 is out!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012




Rare two in a row English speaking Olympics.  We should go.  We won’t have to learn another language.  It would be worth it, just to see the biggest McDonalds in the world (1500 seats!).


Has anyone else seen Cameron Crows “We Bought a Zoo”.  Matt Damon’s character banks at Cap Fed!  I looked it up and the most remote branch of the Topeka based bank is in Wichita, so it’s an odd movie reference since the setting is southern California (I barely noticed it.  It was his debit card at home depot).  I’m not sure what Crowe’s obsession with Topeka is, but I googled it and was reminded that “Almost Famous” also had a Topeka reference in it. 


The Kaw made the top 10 list of most endangered rivers in America.  It’s the only one on the list that is endangered for sand dredging.


Jennifer Lawrence has top billing over Bradley Cooper.


I went to the treasurer’s office on Monday, 10 minutes after they opened and the line was 60 people long, so I said “screw this”.  I went back today and the line is 110 people long.     <<<insert Debbie downer wah-wah-wah music>>>


Got Noles? is selling $10 raffle tickets.  Winner:  Trip to space.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 You're right Tyler, they never showed her in the catwoman suit, because this is clearly not the catwoman suit, at all.

Eight Chargers have died since they were in the ’94 Superbowl.


I’m glad to see Jeremy Renner went traditional with a re-curve.  Hey Leedog, can I get one of those quivers at the Nocking Point?


FB  IPO is coming up.  Wish me good zuck, I’m thinking of taking the 10% penalty for cashing in my entire 401k.


I can’t get enough of the 90’s channel on XM.  Where else can you hear Dr. Dre’s “Aint Nuthin but a G Thang”, followed directly by Whitney Housten’s “I Have Nothing”?  BTW:  Is it safe to say that ANBGT is the best duet of all time (any genre)?


So what?  I find Jeremy Renner is attractive!  Who doesn’t?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Oldie but a goodie

When the Mayor was asked about the jokes he told at the expense of Native Americans, prostitutes, and handicapped, he replied “Lighten up!”.


Did you hear about the guy with the tooth ache, who went to his ex-girlfriend the dentist?  She promptly removed all his teeth.


K-State extended the streak of 19 straight NFL drafts with at least one player selected.


Is it just me, or is every underwater scene in a movie unrealistic.  I just watched MI4, and there is a scene where Ethan Hunt is in a car at night, under 20 feet of turbid river water, and he can see well enough to dodge bullets and arrange an elaborate escape.  Now I spent enough time at Blaisdale pool as a child to know that on a clear blue day at noon, I can’t tell if the person 6” from my face is a Wendy or a Wendal.


National Pub:  Jay Leno showed a clip from the Mayor’s speech.


I had a dream that I traveled back in time to 1986 and I met Richard Dean Anderson on the set.  He was typing on a laptop and complaining because the studio was making him submit scripts electronically.  He used air-quotes and said that the studio was embracing “New Media”.  I complimented the studio for being so forward thinking.  RDA then complimented me for being so astute.