Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket

I had been stuck on a Freecell game for weeks.  I probably failed 50 times.  I handed my phone to Lara and she beat it on the first try in about 5 minutes, saying “I thought you said it was hard”.  L

#FlashbackTo1993 in honor of Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson, I thought it would be a good time to once again remember Carl “the tooth” Williams.  Hollering 1-8-7 with my glove in your mouth fool!

Speaking of hashtag Lara.  Did I tell you about the time we watched the Dark Knight 2, and 5 minutes into the movie she makes the following predictions:  Mol from Inception is the real bad guy, not Bane.  Joseph Gorgeous Levitt is Robin.  And Alfred will finally see Bruce at the CafĂ© at the end of the movie.  True story . . . except she referred to Robin as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  pssh

It’s that time of year again for the #HuntForOctober (I know, who cares, right?)  Well I care, because this will be the last best-of-seven series ever.  Next year the Cubbies sweep Miami in 5. #Lub

Sometimes I’ll have gas, and I’ll think “That’s weird, I didn’t eat healthy yesterday”

Hey Leedog, are you up for #BurningMan14

Did you hear about the guy who broke into the parked car that had a baby inside, melting in the sweltering heat.  When they got in there, the baby had no pulse . . . because it was a doll.

#Snickers does always satisfy

I watched #WintersTale it was great! 

Trailer No. 3 for #Interstellar is out.  It shows the least amount of plot yet, and I’m triply intrigued

Some nerds on the internet did the math . . . #Mario runs twice as fast as #Sonic

#IHadADream Me and Leedog went to workout at Lara’s gym.  It’s a place where Nikki, Rene, and Kristen Bell routinely visit . . . in fact, they were all there!  We changed in the lobby instead of the locker room because we didn’t know “the rules”.  Everyone flipped out when we started lifting weights naked.

#HaikuByStu Conquer “The World” . . . #8bit Style
*** Endure blood, sweat, tears.
*** Cast Dragon into Lava.
*** Surprise! Wrong Castle.