Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket

I had been stuck on a Freecell game for weeks.  I probably failed 50 times.  I handed my phone to Lara and she beat it on the first try in about 5 minutes, saying “I thought you said it was hard”.  L

#FlashbackTo1993 in honor of Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson, I thought it would be a good time to once again remember Carl “the tooth” Williams.  Hollering 1-8-7 with my glove in your mouth fool!

Speaking of hashtag Lara.  Did I tell you about the time we watched the Dark Knight 2, and 5 minutes into the movie she makes the following predictions:  Mol from Inception is the real bad guy, not Bane.  Joseph Gorgeous Levitt is Robin.  And Alfred will finally see Bruce at the Café at the end of the movie.  True story . . . except she referred to Robin as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  pssh

It’s that time of year again for the #HuntForOctober (I know, who cares, right?)  Well I care, because this will be the last best-of-seven series ever.  Next year the Cubbies sweep Miami in 5. #Lub

Sometimes I’ll have gas, and I’ll think “That’s weird, I didn’t eat healthy yesterday”

Hey Leedog, are you up for #BurningMan14

Did you hear about the guy who broke into the parked car that had a baby inside, melting in the sweltering heat.  When they got in there, the baby had no pulse . . . because it was a doll.

#Snickers does always satisfy

I watched #WintersTale it was great! 

Trailer No. 3 for #Interstellar is out.  It shows the least amount of plot yet, and I’m triply intrigued

Some nerds on the internet did the math . . . #Mario runs twice as fast as #Sonic

#IHadADream Me and Leedog went to workout at Lara’s gym.  It’s a place where Nikki, Rene, and Kristen Bell routinely visit . . . in fact, they were all there!  We changed in the lobby instead of the locker room because we didn’t know “the rules”.  Everyone flipped out when we started lifting weights naked.

#HaikuByStu Conquer “The World” . . . #8bit Style
*** Endure blood, sweat, tears.
*** Cast Dragon into Lava.
*** Surprise! Wrong Castle.


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