Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Very Royal Series

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Royal(s) with Cheese

49 cents - it was worth it for the box alone.

#ChiefsKingdom 142.2 decibels

#Royals are on a 7 game winning streak in post-season play.

I don’t plan on ever getting a shave at the barber with a straight razor, because I’m guessing there is about a 50% chance of dying from a slit throat

Marvel #EasterEgg

I discovered Pretzel Pizza at #LittleCeasars.  On an unrelated note, I will be obese by Christmas.
#Anchorman is rare exception in all moviedom where the outtakes are actually worth watching. 

Maybe a dingo ate your baby

Me and Jonah saw #Guardians best movie since #Avengers . . . really good.  I didn’t know I’d be crying in both the opening and ending scenes . . . I’m crying right now

#Guardians is only the fourth movie in a decade to have four number one weeks at the box office.  The other three?  Only Hunger Games, Dark Knight, and Avitar.
Thirty-two ounce diet doc and 2 corndogs for $2 at 7:00 AM . . . best breakfast ever

Stonehenge mystery “deepens”

Bye Bye #BK

#Interstellar trailer #4 is out.  Once again they pose more questions than they answer.  I can’t wait.

Do you ever sit and wonder if maybe, just maybe, salsa is ruining Mexican food?”

Robert downy jr says #Guardians is best Marvel movie

How come whenever I order a large drink at #Panda, they always ask me if I’m sure I want a large.

#IHadADream the ghosts, both good and bad (angels and demons) have an ability called “shrinks”, which they use to hide themselves from people.  But shrinks are getting harder and harder to use as people evolve and their imaginations get better and better.  The Fire Angel turns people into Fire People (apparently).

*** There is no standing still.
*** Run.  Run Hard.  Run with a passion.
*** Always hold down B.