Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pickoff Obstruction

Happy Anniversary.  Thanks to everyone whom has been following me on humpday for two years now.  Well now you can follow me on Humpday.  

8 down, 11 to go #NoChampagneHumpday

Haiku of the Week (Uow):  Ripley’s Credo:  If I’ve said it once – I’ve said it a thousand times – Don’t wake the larva.  #UowHumpday

White box spy tool #SpowHumpday #LubHumpday

One of our QB’s went 8 for 8 with a TD, ran like the wind, pumped up the crowd, and was a leader of men . . . the other looked like Joe Freakin Nameth

Google Barge #SpowHumpday #LubHumpday

I heard someone say that the Rick Patina will take 50 years to form on the new dome L

Who’s that Obamacare girl?

Obamacare girl removed #SpowHumpday

Let’s do this #NoChampagneHumpday

Every Humpday is a RED Humpday #NoChampagneHumpday #RedHumpday

Every time I hear a Counting crows song, it always takes me back to my youth… playing NHL ’94 on the PC with my gravis grip gamepad while enjoying swiss cake rolls and Vitamit D Milk. #FlashbackTo1994 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Holy Cow of the Week (Hock):  In honor of the Chiefs single season sack record pace, I looked up the 1989 draft.  The following four players were drafted in the top 5 that year:  Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, Deon Sanders…..What??? Those are considered by some to be the number one players of all time at their four respective positions.  I’m typing it and I can’t believe it.

See Humpday Hoopla item one (it’s worthy of two items). 

No luck for #Peyton in the house that #18 built

Each and every #DieHard movie is way worse than the previous Die Hard movie.  They keep getting badder and badder and badder.  (I give Die Hard five a 9.5 out of 10)

Edited for TV of the Week (Vow):  “Hippie by day, Ricky Martin.”  –John McClain

#CountdownTo2012:  Sea Serpents -Lub

#FlashbackTo1994:  Mein Leiben

First world series of the millennium with the top record teams from each league facing off….talk about snooze fest city….get off my TV!!!

#ConspiracyOfTheWeek (Spow): Fake Faint! 

KC7 #nochampagne

...and finally...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Leedog's latest trip to joyles boyland

ESPN has KC ranked #2 power ranking.  #nochampagne

Countdown to 2012:  Ice Bombs

Flashback to Halloween in the 90’s:  real dead person at KC  haunted house

Am I the only person who honestly thought these were the same guy

Speaking of same guy: #nochampagne 

GTAV made $800M on day 1, world record for video game.  I remember when we were in highschool and leedog was playing GTAI which he too “purchased” on day 1 (I believe he was the only person to actually play part 1 and 2).  The graphics were mind boggling. 

We knew it of the Week (Kow):  Worlds Loudest!

Me and kids watched Karate Kid Part III.  Isaiah saved up his allowance for weeks to pay for it.  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered, but it was still the worst villain (actor) of all time.    On a bright note, the leading women in the movies get progressivlly more attrictive with each movie (which is saying a lot when they start with academy decorated actress Elizabeth shoe), this move had teen witch.

So top that!

I wrote in cursive today, for the first time in 15 years.  It was everything I thought it could be.

I ate the Pretzel chicken today, for the first time in world history.  It was everything I thought it could be.  (I give it a 6 out of 10)

Pow:  6th pick-6 in a row?  #nochampagne

I give the pretzel bacon burger a 9 out of 10.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Uhh-ohh! Guess what day it is. Guess what day - it - is

How:  #nochampagne

We may need to add one more line to “We Didn’t Start the Fire”:  Tony G. Back again

Rip: Pink Flags Dead 2013-10-07

Countdown to 2012:  Hanukkah/Thanksgiving ‘13

Countdown to 2012:  Olympic Torch blows out  (re-lit with Bic)

Siri talks

Countdown to 2012:  Giant Asian Hornet

Snow White’s Magic Crotch -Lub

Did you hear about the blind guy who had one of his eyes replaced with a  tooth?  (Yes you read that correctly)

Sorry Tom, no Jolten Joe Dimmagio of football for you   #nochampagne

I’ve logged hundreds of hours of Lorde in the last two days alone.  I’m going for the record.  When will I stop?  Like the quote from “Up In The Air” . . . I’ve got a number in mind.

I’m so mad that they released the Friday the 13th blue ray box set with the first 12 movies only.  They know D well that they are going to make at 13th . . . we’ve been saying it since the 3rd grade lunchroom.

Flashback to 1995:  “Great googily mooogily”

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dos Boot

Who has two thumbs and still buys CDs


Got Sporting Patriotism

Countdown to 2012: Potmato

Miami no hitter on last game.  This is the springboard they need for their sweep of the cubbies in the ’15 series (sweep in 5)

Jurassic World:  Need I say more

Let’s put some money on the cubbies.

NBA Jam was rigged.  The head programmer was a bad boys fan, so he made Chicago miss shots during critical game situations.  I think it’s cool, who really wants to play as scotty and Ho Grant?

AJO someone

Countdown to 2012: iPosture

2013 Chiefs D = 10.2 points/game.  The best defense of all time (2000 Ravens) = 10.3 points/game

Flashback to 1989:  “Tape World” in West Ridge Mall