Wednesday, February 29, 2012




Check out that 4x4! (2nd greatest vehicle of all time, in film)


Touchback means 25 yard line???


New 2012 study concludes: a dingo could actually eat your baby.


Markief Marcus got thrown in the paddy wagon Saturday night in Lawrence, after the border war.  No big deal, just a little fist fight in the bar with the bar tender.


Did you ever notice on the old TV show cartoon, that Mario had a Brooklyn accent, and Luigi (his brother, supposedly) had an Italian accent?


K-State is 6-0 this year against SEC giants: Texas A& M, and Missouri.  (But were only talking about the minor sports: Football and Men’s Basketball)


Am I the only one who still considers (if only for a second) opening those emails that say I inherited millions of dollars?


Road Wins against top 10 teams:

---Roy Williams at KU (15 Seasons):  3 Wins

---Bill Self at KU (9 Seasons):  3 Wins

---Frank Martin at K-State (5 Seasons):  3 Wins


She married up


The Vegas line for Peyton to KC just went from 40:1 to 4:1 virtually overnight.

My apologies for not making any Leap Day jokes.  The fact is:  some people find those jokes, tasteless, offensive, and bigoted, and I’m not going to be a part of that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Can you believe it?  LeVar Burton, senior citizen.  I love you Jordy, #27/#87!


The gat-ling gun was really cool in Wolfenstein 3D, but it ate up ammo so fast that it was virtually useless.  Even the machine gun had to be used in short bursts to avoid massive depletion.


Did you hear about the dude in DC who has a license plate that reads “NO TAGS”?  So every time a cop writes up a ticket for an abandoned car without tags, they write “NO TAGS” on the line for the license plate number.  So every ticket that gets entered into the system as “NO TAGS”, gets sent to his address.  He has racked up $20,000 in fines over the years.  When asked why he doesn’t change his personalized plate, he said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Why should I change?  They’re the ones who suck!”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



I watched Contagion last night.  Tokyo, Japan has a population of 37 million.  Gongdong, China has a population of 96 mil.


I’ve said it a thousand times: Outback has the best salads.  (There is no hidden joke here, they just have really good salad).


Phil wins 1 out of every 11 tournaments that he plays in.  Tiger wins 1 out of every 4!


Does anyone (not including Jason, who was born during the Clinton Administration) remember  that cartoon where the main character was a modern day American teenager who had a NES controller as a belt buckle and he could pause real life by hitting the start button, ala Zack Morris.  I think the villains included: King Hippo and Mother Brain, while the heroes included the guy with the whip from castlevania.


OK, I get it.  The reason the Joker is so terrifying is that when he tells how he got his scars, he tells two totally different  stories.  While the stories are disturbing on their own, the fact that they are inconsistent is the most disturbing part.   Just when we think that maybe we are starting to understand this character; where he’s from, how he’s motivated, etc.  Then all of the sudden you get the bombshell that you don’t know anything about this guy, which makes his potential for evil to be infinite in our minds.  However, what I never noticed, is the fact that this makes him a “wildcard”.  Get it?  Joker…wildcard.  I guess I never made the connection, maybe it’s obvious to everyone else.


I watched 5 minutes of some show called “Veronica Mars” on Hulu.  I’m hooked.


On Final Destination, Part 5, one of the deaths is a guy getting acupuncture and he falls off the table, and he’s got all them needles still in his face and he hits the ground and I guess the needles get pushed into his brain.  More believable is the girl who is getting lasick eye surgery and the doc walks out of the room to take a wiz or something and the laser beam machine has an electrical malfunction and the laser gets extra intensity and shoots a hole in her head.


Mattel to release Hover Board in March, if enough demand.  Price will be set and pre-orders will be taken starting March 1.  So please sign up.  (Note:  board does not hover)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Knowshawn Moreno got a DUI  (was pulled-over with license plate that said “sauced”)


Road trip to KC tomorrow?  Jack in the Box, Bacon Shake.  Don’t worry it’s Kosher, if that’s a deal breaker.  (mmmmm, bacon flavored syrup)


Easter Island heads have bodies (underground).


The big event in Indy was the most watched TV show in world history.


milliHelen: The quantity of beauty required to launch just one ship.

“New England Patriots, Superbowl XLVI Champs”, boxes and boxes of thousands of T-shirts and hats are headed for some third world country.  The current license agreement with the big four, now allows merchants to “donate” rather than “destroy”, so long as it’s not domestic.


Leap-baby 2012.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Whether Gonkowski (The tight-end, not the kicker) plays or not, will affect the spread by ½ point.


Speaking of sports betting, I hear that Bernie’s Crack House is expanding into new ventures.  It’s no longer just the best place in town to buy, sell, and trade crack, but they now offer a bookmaking service.  It’s a one stop shop!


It’s a slow news week  L