Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 This guy is really 73

Countdown to 2012:  It’s 13-13!!!

The reptilian, humanoid, shape shifting aliens are infiltrating the secret service.  

Who shot Bin Laden?  It’s the grassy null all over again.


Fish ‘n Chips of the Week (Fcow): London bans big basements.  (Wait, did they say basements?)


Countdown to 2012:  Survivor just became running man.


Pitch Black III!


April flurries bring may flowers.


Wow:  Alan Smithee - Lub


Shaka watch


Wheat Shaka watch


There are various movies coming out about the white house being taken (See reptilian shape shifters, HH 13.13).  It’s the new Dante’s Peak/Volcano.


I’ve been searching far and wide for a 80’s Kathleen Turner move that wasn’t terrible.  I’ve seen them all, peggy sue, Romancing the Nile, war of the roses….all bad.  But I found it:  Body Heat from 1982, Ted Danzon and mickey rork are on top of their games.  William Hurt’s mustache steals the screen, but it’s still great!


I just watched the Artist with Jean dejean dejordan.  Talk about a bore fest.  It should have won an Oscar for best sleep aid.


Tiger is partying like it’s 1999


Irish town legalizes drunk driving, so long as you drive really really carefully


Countdown to 2012:  Officials say giant fireball in the sky that was seen from Florida to New England is “likely a meteor”.


I miss Frank

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Cloned Extinct Dingo

It’s “Books About Sled Dogs Week” at the library!


Flashback to 1989:  VCR Tracking


Jay is burning bridges this time around.


Fruitwater contains no fruit


Got Hoops?  All of original big eight teams in.  (except Nebraska, but that goes without saying)


Minnesota in at large, with a total of three wins all year.


Saint Patty’s Day Riots of 13


Rainbow House makes national news


Scientists go Jurassic Park and use 40 year old frozen tissue sample to clone a species of frog that has been extinct since 1983.  With this particular species of frog, the mommy frog lays the eggs and the daddy frog fertilizes the eggs, then the mommy frog eats the fertilized eggs (gives a new meaning to the old joke, how do you like your eggs, scrambled or fertilized), then the eggs hatch inside the mommy’s tummy, and the mommy stops producing stomach acid (and stops eating) so the tadpoles can swim around in there, and a short nine months later (fake gestational period for comical value) the mommy frog gives birth to healthy, bouncing, baby frogs by barfing her kids….it’s so beautiful.


All the stars that were known before spiderman, were finished after spiderman:  Kyrsten, Thomas Hayden Church, Tofer, peter parker, etc….


All the stars that were unknown before spiderman, had their careers jumpstarted:  Emily Dechanel, the guy who runs the bugle, Bryce dallas howard, the guy from Oz  (James “Can Stew have your number please” Franco), Elizabeth banks, etc….

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13.11, White Smoke

 He's got moves, like I've never seen

God bless Pope Francis!


First New World Pope


Tony the tight end is back


Tony the tight end is back


“Catholic seven” is official


20th Championship for K-State Basketball.  We win these things all the time.


Countdown to 2012:  Scientists warn of calm before giant solar storm.


Wow:  Gait – Lub


Rory pulled a Luke Wilson and Royal Tenninboms….”He’s sitting down on the court in the middle of a match with no shoes, one sock, and I believe he’s crying”


Almost 4 decades since last Championship for K-State Basketball.  We never win these things.


It’s the year of the Tiger


Let’s talk.

I heart Trenta


I wish I could eat apples in one bite, like a horse.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Is this 1992


Top 10!  We’d be undefeated if Frank didn’t get fired.


Horse:  the other other other white meat.  Think outside the bun


Who’s Phil A. Buster?


First MacGyver had anthrax, then an EMP, now I just watched a 1991 episode with “Black helicopters” (Stealth helicopter that emits sound cancelling black noise to silence the rotors).  Cutting edge topic for 2013.


First New York banned salt, then pop, now they are considering music on your ear buds. 


The dad from October Sky is the Green Goblin.


New Iron Man ||| trailer is out today!  I can’t wait.


This just in:  Rodman still weird


Did you hear about that woman who just died from complications due to a gunshot wound from 1982?  Now that she’s dead, they are going for a murder conviction.


Commissioner Gordon signs on for new “planet” movie.  (Not to be confused with Joseph Gorgeous Levitt)


If KU stumbles against Bayler and K-State wins outright, then MacGruber is a lock for POY


Flacco Deniro (Italian for Flacco dollar menu)


I Heart NY of the Week (HOW):   In a controversial decision, Amazon decided to stop selling the “Stay Calm and Rape A lot” tee shirt.  They are also considering pulling the “Stay Calm and Knife Her” tee. 


Got Sin?  Nevada is considering 85 MPH speed limit.


“28 Weeks Later” stars Jeremy Renner?!?!!  Count me in!  (Do you think a guy like him and guy like me could ever………)


McGruber is winningest cat ever.




I never thought Nine Inch Nails and Carly Ray Jetson would sound so good together.