Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 This guy is really 73

Countdown to 2012:  It’s 13-13!!!

The reptilian, humanoid, shape shifting aliens are infiltrating the secret service.  

Who shot Bin Laden?  It’s the grassy null all over again.


Fish ‘n Chips of the Week (Fcow): London bans big basements.  (Wait, did they say basements?)


Countdown to 2012:  Survivor just became running man.


Pitch Black III!


April flurries bring may flowers.


Wow:  Alan Smithee - Lub


Shaka watch


Wheat Shaka watch


There are various movies coming out about the white house being taken (See reptilian shape shifters, HH 13.13).  It’s the new Dante’s Peak/Volcano.


I’ve been searching far and wide for a 80’s Kathleen Turner move that wasn’t terrible.  I’ve seen them all, peggy sue, Romancing the Nile, war of the roses….all bad.  But I found it:  Body Heat from 1982, Ted Danzon and mickey rork are on top of their games.  William Hurt’s mustache steals the screen, but it’s still great!


I just watched the Artist with Jean dejean dejordan.  Talk about a bore fest.  It should have won an Oscar for best sleep aid.


Tiger is partying like it’s 1999


Irish town legalizes drunk driving, so long as you drive really really carefully


Countdown to 2012:  Officials say giant fireball in the sky that was seen from Florida to New England is “likely a meteor”.


I miss Frank

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