Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Cloned Extinct Dingo

It’s “Books About Sled Dogs Week” at the library!


Flashback to 1989:  VCR Tracking


Jay is burning bridges this time around.


Fruitwater contains no fruit


Got Hoops?  All of original big eight teams in.  (except Nebraska, but that goes without saying)


Minnesota in at large, with a total of three wins all year.


Saint Patty’s Day Riots of 13


Rainbow House makes national news


Scientists go Jurassic Park and use 40 year old frozen tissue sample to clone a species of frog that has been extinct since 1983.  With this particular species of frog, the mommy frog lays the eggs and the daddy frog fertilizes the eggs, then the mommy frog eats the fertilized eggs (gives a new meaning to the old joke, how do you like your eggs, scrambled or fertilized), then the eggs hatch inside the mommy’s tummy, and the mommy stops producing stomach acid (and stops eating) so the tadpoles can swim around in there, and a short nine months later (fake gestational period for comical value) the mommy frog gives birth to healthy, bouncing, baby frogs by barfing her kids….it’s so beautiful.


All the stars that were known before spiderman, were finished after spiderman:  Kyrsten, Thomas Hayden Church, Tofer, peter parker, etc….


All the stars that were unknown before spiderman, had their careers jumpstarted:  Emily Dechanel, the guy who runs the bugle, Bryce dallas howard, the guy from Oz  (James “Can Stew have your number please” Franco), Elizabeth banks, etc….

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