Wednesday, December 28, 2016


In the year two thousand and twelve #countdownto2012

The fall classic reminds me how much I miss Harry Carey  . . . (That’s Will Ferrel’s version of course)

Fall Classic??? How long has it been since we’ve done one of these?

Speaking of waiting a long time . . .  Friday the 13th Part 13! I’ve literally been waiting my entire life

Jonah asked what a power glove was . . . 6 hours later we were here:

Yes this is a real place and yes I’m thinking road trip.

Can I go back to 1989?

Did the death star blow up Burger King at 37th and Topeka Blvd?

*** Chiefs hope superbowl
*** So you’re saying there’s a chance?
*** A million to one


Grandma Tarkin looked like a super Nintendo character. Awesome!
#CountdownTo2012 #RogueOne

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Claw Machine is $87 Richer

When I tried the amazing Chocolate Mentos, I feel like Scotty in 2009’s Star Trek when he discovered the transwarp beaming equation. It never occurred to me to put the caramel on the outside.

I can’t wait to see the exciting new action thriller starring John Travolta where he plays an employee for the electric company.

The white tic tacs are never as good as the first instant they touch your taste buds . . . all downhill after that. #CreamSodaEffect

Favorite new song #allweeverknew

Just looking at this picture gets the song stuck in my head for three days

#CountdownTo2012 Perri-air from Spaceballs is real . . . in China

#CountdownTo2012 Isla Fisher and Amy Adams in the same movie

I’m checking the apple website every 5 minutes to see if airPods are for sale yet. Take my money Apple!



Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I was watching Will Smith perform autopsies throughout the movie Concussion and all I kept thinking was “Yep, spleen, kidneys, liver . . . all there.”

Sometimes I’ll dislodge a nugget of earwax and then I’m like . . . where did it go?

Bingecation: when you find out that Alias is leaving Netflix in less than a month and your only watched one eppy and you have to use up all your annual leave at work to remedy the situation.

The funniest thing about the Abe Lincoln sonic commercial is when he not only makes an auditory “button press” sound when he hits the play button on his air-boombox, but he also says the word “Play”.

Have you seen this boy? #Addicted #PartyOn #MeWantSeason2

I want to buy a motorcycle just so I have an excuse to buy a Bobba Fett crash helmet.

What does it say about me when the ammo cabinet lady at Walmart knows my kids by name?

#TeeOfTheWeek Speaking of Jennifer Gardener

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Did Juno

Leedog - check out this antman and hawkeye cover

Let’s bring humpday back

Nothing big. A few new songs. Mostly old stuff. I could be into that.

What better day than #nationalfriedchickenday because the news of Popeye’s coming to Topeka is the best news I’ve heard since they brought back Dr. Peter Benton’s fist punch during the opening theme song of ER.

Honorable mention to the fist-punch was when they put the eggs back into the fried rice at Panda. It was a good day to welcome them back to the family on that day. I just hate boycotts. But one must stand on principles.

My Favorite part of Civil War was when Cap totally curled a helicopter. . . . Because I like looking at Chris Evan’s bicep.

Circa 3rd Grade, remember the micromachine guy? #flashbackto1988

Speaking of #SavedByTheBell, I vaguely remember the micromachine guy as a teacher on the show. He lectured so fast that smoke was coming off Jessie Spano’s pencil as she franticly took notes

I’m so excited, and I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

#inlovewith mark paul gosselear

Speaking of #inlovewith let’s hear it for rocker tommy lee

In the afterlife, first thing, I want to eat a standard lego brick and have it taste as good as it looks.

If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to waste a whole box of chicken in a bisquit by licking the seasoning off every bisquit. I will discard the mushy byproduct into a handy spit-bucket that the lady from the wheat thins commercials uses.

Was she 25 or 55? Was it ok to find her attractive as a 10 year old, or was it creepy because she was an old lady?

A lot of 80’s funtime this week, especially in the #teeoftheweek

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Home Video

Speaking of Home Video

We got Crang!

It’s that time of year again when the tap water smells like fishy lake water. #RatherBeInFlint #TooSoon

I watched The Martian on home video again, for the fourth time. I’ve always said it was one of my top 5 favorite movies, but I think I might have to rethink that status . . . I’m really under selling it.

The new suicide squad trailer isn’t as good as the last one. But I’m glad they went “back to the well” for another Wayne’s World soundtrack song.

Self-lacing shoes in 2016. Rober Zemeckis is so stupid

I watched Everest with Jake Jillinhunk and then I was still jonesing for some authentic high-altitude mountain climbing action. Time to re-watch a little vertical limit. As I told leedog, it’s got the guy who plays Grandma Tarkin in the next movie in the “star wars story” series. A series I’ve grown very fond of, over the years. I also told leedog I just can’t take a movie seriously that includes Bill Paxon. I know, I know you say “What about the classics . . . Titanic, Aliens, Apollo13 or Weird Science?” Game over man.

By the way, Leedog was also very satisfied to correct me and point-out that Grandma Tarkin is not the same actor who played the bad guy from Vanilla Sky. They are just Dinglehoppers. And if your picturing the guy in your mind who played Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever, your wrong Kurt Russell was the “Good Guy” in Vanilla Sky. Technically the protagonist is the good guy, but you know what I mean. The guys from Real Genius was “a” good guy. I think.

#IHadADream I went to mass on Saturday evening instead of my usual Sunday morning. And good thing I did because I bumped into my old pals the Ghostbusters. The three original Ghostbusters were there. Of course I had been the fourth Ghostbuster, back in the day, not Ernie Hudson. The gang was getting back in business and they invited me over to the firehouse to see their new operation. They wanted to try it out on me. I said no way because of course ghostbusting means they hit you coming in the door with chloroform and then when you're in a state of semi-consciousness they hypnotize you and thinking you see ghosts. Then of course they go in and take care the ghosts, which never existed to begin with. So anyway, finally in the end I did decide to go and see their new operation and be a test subject because I'm a sucker for being involved with the gang.

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP No. 45 of 50

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Super Humpday

Indy 5 . . . nuff said

2016. The year Stew bought his first mp3.  Yay for Stew, you’re not entirely stuck in the 90’s.

On a totally unrelated note . . . favorite new song (not new favorite song) is Impossible Winner. Jack White can sure knock them out of the park. He may be the new “king” we’ve been waiting for since Elvis and Michael died.

We don’t have to call them the Wachoiski “Siblings” anymore . . . I think

Antman riding a Jeremy Renner arrow like a horse . . . I’m all in. #CivilWar

Too bad Terrance Howard has to die though. You know what they say, “To make an omelet . . . “ #CivilWar

Homemade taco dog. Tasted even better than it looked.

I keep hearing radio ads for “God’s Not Dead Too” That doesn’t seem like proper grammar.

The problem I have when I find a new song that I totally love (like totally) is I listen to it about 50 times, #SuicideSquad style . . . then I hate the song forever. *dead inside emoji* #DeadWeather

I tried tartar sauce for the first time. Not a big fan.

The boys are watching the 6 previous Rocky movies in preparation for Creed. Just finished Rocky Part 4. I’ll stand by what I said before, Drago did nothing wrong but he was painted as such a villain in that movie. Lay off him. #iHeartDolph

I finally took Leedog up on his 18 year ago recommendation to watch “A Simple Plan”.

On a totally unrelated note . . . I’m on Prozac . . . Thanks Leedog *cue the trombone*

I finally took Noura up on her 18 month ago recommendation to watch “What We Do In the Shadows”.

On a totally unrelated note . . . I like Stew

On an even more totally (like totally) unrelated note . . . I like turtles.

#IHadADream that I got a new gun. I was so excited about it that I wanted to show it to everyone, so I ran around waving it in people’s faces as I approached them quickly.

#TeeOfTheWeek #PiDay #PieDay

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Star Wars came out

I’ve never eaten a McChicken without regretting it afterward . . . except for maybe that time Kent went for a McChicken-run at 3:00 A.M. during a poker game at my house.

It’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that I’ve seen the Bohemian Rhapsody Suicide Squad Trailer at least 50 times. I think I could just loop it for 2 hours and I’d be content on the couch with popcorn and Juju Bees.

Maze Runner Part 2 was actually pretty good. I think I even liked it better than the first one.

Make that 51 times. . . I don’t think I even care about the new Superman Move. I wish Suicide Squad was coming out in March instead.

More like a small SMALL moon

Lara asked me what kind of pop to get at the store. I said any kind you want, as long as it’s name brand, caffeinated, no-calorie, non-pepsi and comes in a 12 ounce can.

Sweet, they are finally making a movie version of my favorite board game. #TomHardy

The third part of the planned Pee Wee Trilogy is coming out. I’m so excited, it looks great. How does Pee Wee actually look younger than he did 30 years ago.

If my mom ever knew that I owned one of those funny haired trolls as kid, she would have doused me with light fluid, set me ablaze and thrown me out a 5th story window to cleanse my soul. #FlashBackTo1989

Google Spot #CountdownTo2012 #Lub

Speaking of Google Spot. Michael Crichton was dead on. #Runaway

Bumper Sticker of the Week:  #TeeOfTheWeek

Ugh! Why do I always feel terrible afterword.

#IHadADream that I found a secret second floor in our single story office building. It turns out that my company condemned the 2nd floor when they bought it. They destroyed the staircase so no one would ever know about it. But I was able to find it the 2nd floor by crawling through the ceiling tiles, “Lee and Stew” Style. Once up there, I found some homeless guys who lived there, but it turned out that they were actually undercover homeless guys working for the drug cartel from Sicario. I got mixed up in a big turf war and Emily Blunt had to teach me how to protect myself with an M-16.

*** I make good Haiku
*** But lately too much hooplas
*** All out of ideas

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

. . . 52 times.