Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Super Humpday

Indy 5 . . . nuff said

2016. The year Stew bought his first mp3.  Yay for Stew, you’re not entirely stuck in the 90’s.

On a totally unrelated note . . . favorite new song (not new favorite song) is Impossible Winner. Jack White can sure knock them out of the park. He may be the new “king” we’ve been waiting for since Elvis and Michael died.

We don’t have to call them the Wachoiski “Siblings” anymore . . . I think

Antman riding a Jeremy Renner arrow like a horse . . . I’m all in. #CivilWar

Too bad Terrance Howard has to die though. You know what they say, “To make an omelet . . . “ #CivilWar

Homemade taco dog. Tasted even better than it looked.

I keep hearing radio ads for “God’s Not Dead Too” That doesn’t seem like proper grammar.

The problem I have when I find a new song that I totally love (like totally) is I listen to it about 50 times, #SuicideSquad style . . . then I hate the song forever. *dead inside emoji* #DeadWeather

I tried tartar sauce for the first time. Not a big fan.

The boys are watching the 6 previous Rocky movies in preparation for Creed. Just finished Rocky Part 4. I’ll stand by what I said before, Drago did nothing wrong but he was painted as such a villain in that movie. Lay off him. #iHeartDolph

I finally took Leedog up on his 18 year ago recommendation to watch “A Simple Plan”.

On a totally unrelated note . . . I’m on Prozac . . . Thanks Leedog *cue the trombone*

I finally took Noura up on her 18 month ago recommendation to watch “What We Do In the Shadows”.

On a totally unrelated note . . . I like Stew

On an even more totally (like totally) unrelated note . . . I like turtles.

#IHadADream that I got a new gun. I was so excited about it that I wanted to show it to everyone, so I ran around waving it in people’s faces as I approached them quickly.

#TeeOfTheWeek #PiDay #PieDay

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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