Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Love NY(E)

In this week’s issue we strive for quantity over quality.

The second best receiver in Kstate history won the Norris!  #OneMoreYearTylerLocket

18 Again #FlashbackTo2013

MMA Yuck, 10th grossest leg break of 2013 #KevinWare #LubHumpday

Stax and Pringles put their seasoning on opposite sides…are they trying to mess with me?

Conspiracy of the Week (Pow):  Who shot at Carl Winslow? McClane or Terrorist? #PowHumpday #WelcomeToThePartyPal


Kstate beats winningest team of all time #EmawHumpday

Sorry “Leedog the Belieber”, It’s over.

Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since the ’93 season.  Only the Lions have gone longer without a win. #RedHumpday #FlashbackTo1993

Did we just get mentioned in stat with the Lions? #CountdownTo2012 #RedHumpday

My first made-from-scratch latte.  #LifeHackHumpday

Is it NYE 13 or NYE 14?   #NyeHumpday

Steelers robbed (get it?  …stealers) #RedHumpday

Nothing in the English language rhymes with nurple.

Me and Lara always argue about who’s more attractive, Justin Long or Shae LaBuff.  #LoveJustinLong

Is “We are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” one song. #SeriousQuestionHumpday

Snyder’s cupboard is bursting, just in time for the playoffs in ’14 #EmawHumpday

#HaikuHumpday #HaikuByStu
** I’m Donatello,
** do it all, even machines.
** My brothers are dumb.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Keep the Eve in Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas #MerryHumpday

The C64 home game console system came out in 1990.  It was a 1982 Commodore 64 with no upgrades and much less functionality.  #NiceTryHumpday

The one iconic image that represents America and why this country took world civilization on a 5000 year leap has now officially ben banned. We love you Tom.  #RipLightbulb

Mpemba #WowHumpday

Haiku of the Week: #HaikuHumpday #UowHumpday
** It’s Christmas Season
** Topsy popcorn tins for all
** Yuck!  Cheesy Keyboard.

18 again.

The Chiefs now get to start the playoffs by traveling to play a team that is 4-0 this season against teams with at least 11 wins.

From the director of Alien & Gladiator, and the starring the lead actor from Jerry McGuire, Rain Man, and Top gun comes a legend of a movie that I can’t believe I missed #LegendTheMovie

Another gem from Tyler (Well at least he’s batting a hundred better than Ted Williams):

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mega Duck Roar Sync

#CountdownTo2012 Super secret starbabies (starbucks) coffee pop, coming soon

#countdownTo2012 Remember that supervolcano in Yellowstone that would vaporize 2/3 of USA if it blew, you know, the one that blows every 700,000 years, and it’s been 640,000 since the last eruption….well it turns out it’s three times bigger than previously thought.  Thanks Debbie downer scientists.

The Grinch will getcha 70, and that’s alright…

Teaser for Christopher Nolan’s “Intersteller” looks amazing.  I think Nolan has found a way to make even McConnohay look like a great actor.  I can’t wait.

Nolan’s new movie is his first original piece since Inception, and we all know how that turned out.

Speaking of Batmovies, did you see the teaser for Planet of the Apes, part II.  Gary Oldman looks like he’s playing commissioner all over again

Speaking of Juno as the Arcitect.  I just watched the new brit marling.  I’ve said it before, she’s female M. Night.  Although she didn’t write/direct the east.

Speaking of commander stone hopper, what a babe huh.

Speaking of babes, if Alex Smith can pull off a div. Champ, then I’m bringing back #RedHumpday

I’m bringing back #RedHumpday, because every humpday is a #RedHumpday

Yeah 5th seed!!!   :|

Haiku of the Week: (Uow): #UowHumpday
Xavier, Jean Luc, …
How is one actor so cool?

Dune too!?!  <<<head explodes>>>

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering Lethal Weapon 2

OK, so last week’s hoopla wasn’t the best in the world.  But hey nobody’s perfect, even Don Shula lost a game or two.

Cornsweet #WowHumpday


Why oh why did B come before A???

Have you seen the trailer for “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise?  It looks kind of like a slightly less funny version of Groundhog Day.

Haiku of the Week: (Uow): #UowHumpday
A McClane Christmas.
Get together, have a few…….
GUNFIRE!  Got tape?

It was a thrilling victory, winning the world championship on the frigid steppe of sporting park…sudden death….multiple shootouts….unbelievable finish for KC.  I missed it.

I saw an Andrew luck doll in the claw machine at Toy r us.  Question mark.


Coldest day ever….in Summertime?

Eurostep #WowHumpday

I’ve been waiting my whole life to see it broken, finally a 64 yarder.  Still not as long as martini’s miracle in manhattan.  (65) #EmawHumpday and he didn’t need mile high, sea bass

It was so nice outside last night, that I got home and said “Honey I’m going to get gas on the way home”  It was 36 degrees

CD Tradepost by taco bell has a copy of RC Pro Am for $52.  Anyone want to split that 10 ways?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remembering Candy Cane and Rusty Nail

Worst Christmas ever!  Thanks Comet I.S.O.N.

You Tube of the Week (Yow):  Our blades are F***ing Great #YowHumpday  #LubHumpday

As If, Lohan.

Richard, What’s Happening? Of the Week (Row): Tomlin? Jason the Kid? Hal McCray?  #SpillGate2013 #FootGate2013 #RowHumpday

Confucious say: I Lub Humpday.  Jimmer say:  I miss 18

KC 137.5 – Seattle 137.6

Haiku of the Week: (Uow): #UowHumpday

I wake, reluctant;

too cold to get out of bed.

But I need to pee.

-Submitted by JLFE

#CowntdownTo2012  Let’s hope it stays in vegas

I heard that when you don’t eat the core, you are wasting precious apple food.  However, warning:  don’t eat the seeds.  They are harmless unless chewed, then common side effects will occur, involving death.