Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mega Duck Roar Sync

#CountdownTo2012 Super secret starbabies (starbucks) coffee pop, coming soon

#countdownTo2012 Remember that supervolcano in Yellowstone that would vaporize 2/3 of USA if it blew, you know, the one that blows every 700,000 years, and it’s been 640,000 since the last eruption….well it turns out it’s three times bigger than previously thought.  Thanks Debbie downer scientists.

The Grinch will getcha 70, and that’s alright…

Teaser for Christopher Nolan’s “Intersteller” looks amazing.  I think Nolan has found a way to make even McConnohay look like a great actor.  I can’t wait.

Nolan’s new movie is his first original piece since Inception, and we all know how that turned out.

Speaking of Batmovies, did you see the teaser for Planet of the Apes, part II.  Gary Oldman looks like he’s playing commissioner all over again

Speaking of Juno as the Arcitect.  I just watched the new brit marling.  I’ve said it before, she’s female M. Night.  Although she didn’t write/direct the east.

Speaking of commander stone hopper, what a babe huh.

Speaking of babes, if Alex Smith can pull off a div. Champ, then I’m bringing back #RedHumpday

I’m bringing back #RedHumpday, because every humpday is a #RedHumpday

Yeah 5th seed!!!   :|

Haiku of the Week: (Uow): #UowHumpday
Xavier, Jean Luc, …
How is one actor so cool?

Dune too!?!  <<<head explodes>>>

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