Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remembering Candy Cane and Rusty Nail

Worst Christmas ever!  Thanks Comet I.S.O.N.

You Tube of the Week (Yow):  Our blades are F***ing Great #YowHumpday  #LubHumpday

As If, Lohan.

Richard, What’s Happening? Of the Week (Row): Tomlin? Jason the Kid? Hal McCray?  #SpillGate2013 #FootGate2013 #RowHumpday

Confucious say: I Lub Humpday.  Jimmer say:  I miss 18

KC 137.5 – Seattle 137.6

Haiku of the Week: (Uow): #UowHumpday

I wake, reluctant;

too cold to get out of bed.

But I need to pee.

-Submitted by JLFE

#CowntdownTo2012  Let’s hope it stays in vegas

I heard that when you don’t eat the core, you are wasting precious apple food.  However, warning:  don’t eat the seeds.  They are harmless unless chewed, then common side effects will occur, involving death.

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