Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Wow:  Excelsior – Lub


Michael Kane has starred in each of the last 5 Nolan films.  Not to be confused with Michael Bine:  Hey Christian Bale, come with me if you want to live.


Speaking of the lovely Michael Bine, Happy 56th!!!


England spent 110 thousand (thousand with a T) to prep London for hosting the Olympics……….the 1948 Olympics, that is.


The eyes of the world’s nerds are upon KC.  One Gbps.  Download an HD movie in 3 seconds.


I’ve been on a “mission impossible” kick lately, so I checked out John Woo’s MI:2 from the library to see if it was as bad as I remember from when I saw it in the theater……Conclusion:  worse than I remembered


I can’t believe I’m saying this after “Larry Crown”, but the new Tom Hanks movie looks like a game changer, for real.


Flashback to junior high (1995):  Microsoft pays the stones $1 million to use their song in commercial for new operating system.


For the first time in history, all 105 counties declared disaster areas due to drought.


Does anyone know if they sell “5th Avenue” bars in Kansas.  I just watched Stargate a few weeks ago and I’m jonesing big time.  But I can’t find them anywhere.


Cow:  “Print is dead” – Egon Spangler    (Newsweek announced last humpday that they are closing up shop)


For the last 20 years, Bob Costas has been stuck at 40 years old!  He must be a fem-bot.  Machine gun jubblies!?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Reel Cover

Wow:  circa - Lub


Spoiler Alert Alert:  Letterman spoils Batman III


I just watched MacGyver: Season 4 with the kids, circa  1989.  In the final two episodes of the season the villians were domestic terrorists deploying Anthrax and an EMP.  Pretty “ahead of the time” for 1989.  We didn’t start hearing about anthrax until after 911 and most people still don’t know what an EMP is, except for us nerds who first learned about it through late 90’s action flicks such as broken arrow and Matrix.


Man of Steel teaser with DKR.  It looks incredible.


Let’s bring back Orville


Teen heart throb Joshua Jackson (Mighty Ducks, D2: Mighty Ducks, Part 2), is mulling over whether to go ahead and make the Hobbit a full trilogy.


“Gangster Squad” to cut movie theater scene and re-shoot.


Quote of the Week (Cow):  “Your either moving forward or moving backward, there aint no third direction.”  -Tom Callahan, Sr.


Did you hear that the Chalk Pyrimids are for sale?  Last chance to see them, before the developer flattens them for a Walmart parking lot.  It’s prime real estate.


It’s been 100 years since the Olympic gold medal was gold.  It’s now about 5% gold with the rest being mostly silver.  The value of precious metal in a gold is about six hundo, a silver is about three hundo, and a bronze is about five bones.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Where do you want to go today?


Wow:  Wrought - Lub


I now own a Digital television.  It’s nice to be able to watch TV without one of them there digital-to-analog converters.  In honor of this wondrous event, I will be holding a movie night at my house and you are all invited.  I have been debating it for literally years as to what movie to use for this event, and I have decided that the movie will be James Cameraman’s “The Abyss” starring man-crush material: Michael Bine.  There is one small snag in this idea……The Abyss has not come out yet L.  But as soon as its released, you are all invited to my first movie night!!!


Countdown to DKR:  1


Trivia:  At any given moment, ½ million people are airborne in planes.


Rotton Tomatoes has censored Dark Knight Criticism (a first for RT).  I guess the hard core batties were taking it way to seriously and offering up retaliatory death threats and the like.


Remember when we were kids and the cereal commercials would show a bowl of cereal next to two slices of toast, a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice, a place of scrambled eggs and bacon, and the slick talking narrarator would say:  “part of this complete breakfast”.  I remember as a kid thinking:  “you could replace that bowl of cereal with a cinder block and it would still be part of this complete breakfast”


Got autumn?   I’m getting serious cabin fever.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


No Explanation Necessary


Wow: hereafter - Lub


Countdown to 2012:  I had a “Countdown to 2012” prepared for this weeks HH, but my malware ate it.  (I will understand if you stop reading now)


Trivia:  How many days out of the calendar year do not have any professional sports games occur (the big four major sports leagues).  Answer:  Two days (the day before, and the day after the MLB all-star game)


Did you hear about the guy who robbed subway?  The cops tracked him to his hideout, by following the trail of stolen Doritos.


I tried the pulled-pork at BK.  It’s no Gates, but still worth the price of admission.


Have you seen the Jack Reacher trailer?  That guy does not look 50 years old.


Famous Scottish Engineers:

  1. Stew
  2. MacGyver
  3. Mr. Scott (Scotty)
  4. Engineer from Speed 2: Cruise Control
  5. James Watt

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12.27, Fourth Edition




Rip:  Famous villain of TV and silver screen:  Andy Griffith


Wow: copacetic - Lub


Avengers pulled into 2nd place, all time.  Over 600 mills.  It won’t catch Avitar, but what a run.


Countdown to 2012:  Army develops Laser induced plasma channel (LIPC).  It’s a gun that shoots electricity with the ease and accuracy of a laser, basically the gun that killed Dozer and Cypher in the Matrix.


Tyson Tweet:  Evander’s ear would have tasted better with BBQ sauce.


Countdown to 2012:  Google teaches computers to mimic human brain


NBA drafts two from Kentucky in first two picks (first time ever).


Decision 2012:  A National Geographic poll found that 2 out of 3 Americans believe that Obama is better suited than Romney in defending us during an invasion….of space aliens.