Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Wow:  pediment - Lub


Now:  Phil Dalhausser:  The Thin Beast


So we have entered the playoff era.  No more computers….so no more K-State


First trailer for Dredd came out….as with Total Recall, I’m less excited than I should be. L


I knew you’d say that.


James Cameraman is filming an unpresidented three sequals at the same time.


How is it that I am 31 years old, and I am only now discovering the simple but extraordinary delight of combining a sweet pastry with a cup of black coffee?  I’ve opened up a new door to a whole new universe of food!


K-State’s defending two time national champion is heading to London!


Does anyone else think that the “hiding place” in the Millenium Falcon was a little sucky?  That’s like a cop saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t search the trunk for doobage Sarge, but how was I supposed to know that the car had a trunk.


King James is younger than Michael was when he won his first title.  (Note:  I am not saying LeBron is better, nor am I saying he is not a total tool)


Did you hear about the caddie on the European tour who accidently put an extra club in the bag?  So, on the second hole he tried to ditch the club in a bush and another caddie casually said “Hey buddy, what were you doing in that bush?” and the guilty caddie broke down under the extreme scrutiny and quickly uttered a full confession.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

12.25, Sizzling Summer


I saw these and I thought . . . where have I seen that orange chain before . . . ?

Second Grade Flashback

Happy first day of summer!  


During the summertime, when I was a kid, I used to think “When I grow up, I’m going to have to go to work every day during the summer.  No Breaks for 40 years.  How depressing L”  Of course now that I’m grown up and I’m actually here, I think  “Yep, I was pretty much right”.


Nickname of the Week (NoW):  Atlanta: The big peach


Why does the auctioneer have to talk so fast? 


WoW:  indemnity - LUB


Serious question:  I know nothing about race car players, but is “Junior” the Anna Kornacopia of Winston Cup?  Because I heard that he won his first game in 4 years.


16.3 Petaflops!  1955 Emit Brown would have blown a blood vessel in his brain for sure.


NY Ban Update:  Now they are talking about movie theater popcorn and drinks containing milk

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Once again . . . not fake

WoW:  Hark - LUB


Countdown to 2012:  Need a jogger companion?  Go drone with “Joggobot”.


“Premium Rush” looks like it’s going to easily be in the all-time top-2 list of bicycle-messenger movies, second only to Kevin Bacon’s “Quicksilver”.


mmmmmm….Bacon Sunday at BK……


Remember Clint Eastwood and that movie about “The Rock”?  (not to be confused with “The Rock”).  The only three men to ever potentially escape, will have the warrants for their arrest expire on their 100th birthdays.  Luck-eeeeeeee


It’s final:  Coroner finds that a dingo did eat her baby.


Mr. K, owned at the K.  (Mr. Z to the layman)


San Fran is going Collin Ferral and Tom Cruise…...Pre-Crime

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is really a new law


New York bans pop.  Don’t freak out, they only banned pop that is larger than 16 ounces.  I think they tried to ban salt in food a couple years ago, and everyone was like “wait….did, did, did…did you say…..salt?”


The third trailer for Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter  just came out.  Honest Abe was a tough emineffer.


In New Jersey, it’s click-it or ticket….for Fido.


Venus crossed the face of the sun yesterday.  Next time it happens will be 105 years.


Countdown to 2012:  I went by the ammunition section at Walmart the other day and they were sold out!  So, that either means Walmart does not know how to run a business and manage inventory, OR naked-zombie-cannibal-apocalypse.


Avengers just passed Batman, Part 2, and is now the third highest grossing film ever (behind a couple James Cameran movies…the hack).


WoW:  Markedly – LUB


T-dub:  Now winningest ever


Have you heard about the latest legal drama/comedy from Hollywood?  Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin are wrapped up in a zany lawsuit and from there the hijinks ensue.  (note:  real life)


I just saw “Man on a Ledge” with Ed Burns.  It re-kindled my old 90’s man-crush….  I’m kidding


Anderson Cooper just had a birthday this week…00’s crush man-crush……..kidding…..sorta