Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Wow:  pediment - Lub


Now:  Phil Dalhausser:  The Thin Beast


So we have entered the playoff era.  No more computers….so no more K-State


First trailer for Dredd came out….as with Total Recall, I’m less excited than I should be. L


I knew you’d say that.


James Cameraman is filming an unpresidented three sequals at the same time.


How is it that I am 31 years old, and I am only now discovering the simple but extraordinary delight of combining a sweet pastry with a cup of black coffee?  I’ve opened up a new door to a whole new universe of food!


K-State’s defending two time national champion is heading to London!


Does anyone else think that the “hiding place” in the Millenium Falcon was a little sucky?  That’s like a cop saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t search the trunk for doobage Sarge, but how was I supposed to know that the car had a trunk.


King James is younger than Michael was when he won his first title.  (Note:  I am not saying LeBron is better, nor am I saying he is not a total tool)


Did you hear about the caddie on the European tour who accidently put an extra club in the bag?  So, on the second hole he tried to ditch the club in a bush and another caddie casually said “Hey buddy, what were you doing in that bush?” and the guilty caddie broke down under the extreme scrutiny and quickly uttered a full confession.

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