Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Full Protonic Reversal

Best and worst week ever #EgonSpengler #TacoBellBreakfast

Can Zoe Salnalda play a human just once please… #Guardians #Centerstage

What are you still doing here?  Did you hear me say #TacoBellBreakfast

#IHadADream I was directing a crappy early 80’s romantic adventure comedy and I couldn’t decide whether to call it “Romancing the Stone” or “Jewel of the Nile”

#HaikuByStu #EgonSpengler
**  The world has doers.
**  The world has pretty faces.
**  There was one Egon

#HaikuByStu #EgonSpengler
**  We will miss Egon.
**  Remember all the laughter.
**  Smile, pay it forward.

#HaikuByStu #EgonSpengler
**  Ray paid, he’s the chump
**  Peter is the publicist.
**  Egon’s everything.

#FirstWorldProblems #EgonSpengler

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Those Family Video Late Fees Add Up

You can't bring that on the plane

Oshie of the Week:  “The real heroes wear camo, I’m not one of them.” #USA

I can’t even think about the ending to #CaptainPhillips without crying.

Anyone else want to go #DvorakForLent

You can’t triple-toe-loop a double-toe-loop!  #SochiProblems

This year Tiger is 38 and entering this season he has competed in 64 majors and has 14 wins. #ILoveTiger

When Jack was 38, he entered the season having competed in 64 majors and had 14 wins. #ILoveTiger

Come on… “Gracie Gold”??? That can’t be a real name.  It’s gotta be made up.  #SochiProblems

#IHadADream I was a gardener, and a good one at that.  Our village was invaded, but I was able to save the day with my army of sentient soldier plants.

**  I’m Leo for short.
**  Leader of men . . . half shelled men.
**  Rather be cool, rude.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice JJ Fish

Walgreens doesn't play around

An American tradition as old as apple pie will soon be ending.  #RipSwipeAndSign

Does Jamaca have a “break down the door” team at this year’s Olympics (oops, I mean winter Olympics).  #SochiProblems

So much for Shy Laboof.  I think the race is over #ILoveJustinLong

The Russians are cheating!  #SochiProblems

Who knew #ShirleyTemple was still alive?  #SochiProblems

Re-tweet of the week:  I’m afraid that 3D printers will start making 3D printers #JudgementDay

Do you ever hear a song that you can’t stop listening too and you are ashamed that you LOVE?  Thanks Passenger, because of you, I never miss the satellite radio until I’m in a parking garage.  I never miss my calculator until I’m asked to provide a cost estimate while in the field.  I never miss baby wipes until I run-out and I have to use paper towels instead.

The Purge: Part 2!!! I can’t wait.  I thought purge one was great.  #ILoveEthanHawk

Your gone before I knew you #RipFlappyBird #Lub

#IHadADream I was backup QB for the Skins.  I went in when RG3 went down.  Then after the game, the 3rd string QB yelled at me for how I called the game.  We won in a blowout.

** 8-bit valentine:
** Will you be my player 2?
** Let’s conquer the world(s)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Piled High and Deep

I really don’t need to say anything else. #JackIsBack

If you run the Rubric for taco villa vs. taco casa, villa wins in a landslide every time, but to a man if you ask one questions “Which is better?”, the answer is always Taco Casa (myself included?)  #ItFactor

The best snowboarder of all time just pulled out of an event because the Russians built it too scary and dangerous. #Sochi

Did I mention #JackIsBack ?

#CountdownTo2012 North Start gets Brighter!

Lucky 13 inches of snow, before drifts, but at least it will be -8 tomorrow. (that’s minus with an M)

I think Phil Simms got drunk from just standing next to Joe Namath.  #BigGame

What if the purple light saber meant something else.  What if he was classically trained in both Jedi/Sith.  I’m watching you Mace.

#CountdownTo2012  Oceanic Crop Circles

#IHadADream I worked in a warehouse filled to the ceiling with water, where I was a remarkably good swimmer.  For us newbies whom hadn’t adapted yet, we could breathe pockets of air trapped in the light fixtures.

** Honor the fallen.
** They protect us and serve us.
** Thank a cop today.