Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Those Family Video Late Fees Add Up

You can't bring that on the plane

Oshie of the Week:  “The real heroes wear camo, I’m not one of them.” #USA

I can’t even think about the ending to #CaptainPhillips without crying.

Anyone else want to go #DvorakForLent

You can’t triple-toe-loop a double-toe-loop!  #SochiProblems

This year Tiger is 38 and entering this season he has competed in 64 majors and has 14 wins. #ILoveTiger

When Jack was 38, he entered the season having competed in 64 majors and had 14 wins. #ILoveTiger

Come on… “Gracie Gold”??? That can’t be a real name.  It’s gotta be made up.  #SochiProblems

#IHadADream I was a gardener, and a good one at that.  Our village was invaded, but I was able to save the day with my army of sentient soldier plants.

**  I’m Leo for short.
**  Leader of men . . . half shelled men.
**  Rather be cool, rude.


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