Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Did Juno

Leedog - check out this antman and hawkeye cover

Let’s bring humpday back

Nothing big. A few new songs. Mostly old stuff. I could be into that.

What better day than #nationalfriedchickenday because the news of Popeye’s coming to Topeka is the best news I’ve heard since they brought back Dr. Peter Benton’s fist punch during the opening theme song of ER.

Honorable mention to the fist-punch was when they put the eggs back into the fried rice at Panda. It was a good day to welcome them back to the family on that day. I just hate boycotts. But one must stand on principles.

My Favorite part of Civil War was when Cap totally curled a helicopter. . . . Because I like looking at Chris Evan’s bicep.

Circa 3rd Grade, remember the micromachine guy? #flashbackto1988

Speaking of #SavedByTheBell, I vaguely remember the micromachine guy as a teacher on the show. He lectured so fast that smoke was coming off Jessie Spano’s pencil as she franticly took notes

I’m so excited, and I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

#inlovewith mark paul gosselear

Speaking of #inlovewith let’s hear it for rocker tommy lee

In the afterlife, first thing, I want to eat a standard lego brick and have it taste as good as it looks.

If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to waste a whole box of chicken in a bisquit by licking the seasoning off every bisquit. I will discard the mushy byproduct into a handy spit-bucket that the lady from the wheat thins commercials uses.

Was she 25 or 55? Was it ok to find her attractive as a 10 year old, or was it creepy because she was an old lady?

A lot of 80’s funtime this week, especially in the #teeoftheweek