Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Struck another goldmine at the library....

To the Stars through difficulty.   #HappyKansasDay.

Peyton Manning will net a loss for his Superbowl earnings because of the some strange athlete tax law in New Jersey where he’s taxed based on a proration of his annual earnings of $15 million but each for playoff games, the backup special teams player gets the same game pay as the greatest quarterback of all time, ergo he will actually pay a New Jersey state income tax that is a couple hundred dollars more than his high five-figure payment for the game itself.  He might as well stay home, showoff.

“City Museum” in St. Louis….Bucket list it.   I’m telling you Leedog, bucket list.

What the heck does “John Brown Hind Parts” mean anyway? #HappyKansasDay

I tried to watch “The Sound of Music” because I felt like “I should”.  I couldn’t last 5 minutes.  I thought there would be some Nazi’s but it was mostly boring singing.  Maybe I should have given it another few minutes, I just couldn’t do it…returned it to the library.

#IHadADream I played catch with a 7-foot tall priest, Lara, Marcie, and others near a busy dangerous freeway.  The sleeves on my hoodie were too long, and it was uncomfortable if I pulled them back to my wrists, but if I let them partially cover my hand I couldn’t catch or throw the ball well.  (Story of my life)

#HaikuByStu  #HappyKansasDay
** Darkest before dawn.
**  Ad Astra Per Aspera.
** Happy Kansas Day


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


10 Chiefs in the pro-bowl, most in world history.  (Although with the new schedule that keeps superbowl participants out of the probowl makes it easier than ever to get in). #RedHumpday

I wasn’t scared for Erin Andrews, I was scared for myself.  I flinched, thinking #Sherman was going to jump at me, through the screen into my living room. 

Amazon invents new space-time continuum technology that ships your items before you order.  #NotJoking

I don’t get it.   There’s a rock on mars, #BigDeal

#IHadADream I woke in the dark to movements in the room.  I was sleeping alone, Lara was working the overnight shift at the hospital.  The two beings moved about the room, finally coming to rest on the right side of the bed.  Scared at first, I quickly identified them as two of my children, but the relief was bittersweet as I sensed another presence on my other side, my left side.  Logically, one would conclude that it was my third child, but still I feared/sensed something darker, blacker.  Then, just as the two boys to my right began grabbing for me, I felt a fierce grip on my left arm, a man’s grip.  Then he yanked me out of bed, yanking me awake to the heart pounding darkness and silence of the empty room.  I lied shivering, cold and alone in the empty darkness, waiting to fall back to sleep, praying to fall back asleep.  Praying.  Praying this time it would be a better dream, a better reality.

** A great poet said,
** It’s Do or do not, no try.

** Believe and achieve.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sneeze Sponge Sneeze

I had the second Latte of my life....It sucked.

#FlashbackTo2013  I had the first Latte of my life. ....It was homemade and it was incredible. The lesson here is #ImAwesome

#FlashbackTo1992, I told Fergal that I thought guns N roses should write a sequel to Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door called “Walkin’ on Heaven’s Floor”.  The lesson here is #ImNotAwesome

Greek wedding cookies, secret ingredient . . . #YumArsenic

#FlashbackTo1989  Is it socially acceptable for me to say Indiana Jones, Part III was the best?   When Sean Connery says “Indiana….Indiana, let it go.”  I always cry like a little girl.

Leedog, #RoadTrip to steal sign for Colorado I-70 mile marker 419.99?

#IHadADream that my first paycheck stub was prominently on display at the museum, and I was surprised to see it there, but not too surprised because well, #ImAwesome

**  Bad guy’s bomb on bus.
** We need a really good cop.
** Dumb and Dumber guy!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014


#SegaChannel  #FlashBackTo1995

Who’s that girl from the leatherhead pepsi commercial?

That Lindsay Vaugn is…... out. I know from experience dude.

Stew Year’s Resolution:  Dream Journal.   #IHadADream that I was collecting newspaper clippings, because they make great food for my pet horse.

Why do the Mowgli’s have an apostrophe in their name?


Pitchfork mob storms Chinese Walmart: “Why is their fox in this donkey meat!?!”

Face value for Chiefs-Oilers playoff tickets (the last time the chiefs won) $25 #RedHumpday 

Guinness book of Wolf records 

#WelcomeToThePartyPal Straw Poll Results:  Who Shot at Carl Winslow:  40% of respondents say McClane, 60% say Terrorist, and 10% say he shot himself

Justin Long or Shae LaBuff Straw Poll Results:  60% Say Justin Long, 40% say Shae Labuf

Michael j. fox – Alex P. Keaton – Michael Keaton #HumpdayConspiracy

  I had to eat my curly fries without Arby’s Sauce, because I ate them in the car instead of waiting until we got back to the office.

Driverless cars legal in Michigan.

**Always ask yourself:  **These the droids you’re looking for?  **Fail, it’s your last time.