Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Why does the oval office have that stealth door?


Gangman style makes $8 mill on U-tube


Only two players have ever had multiple superbowl appearances separated by twelve years. (Sharper, Seau)


The most expensive ticket to see the Chiefs in Super Bowl I, was $12.


Evil Dead IV!!!!!!!!!!


If Kapparnick wins the Harbowl, then I’m declaring it right here and now:  Michael Jordan of Football.  (We’ve been waiting for so long)  Sorry Jerry  L


JJ Abrams, Episode VII


Die Hard of the Week:  “I never quit yet”  -Bruce Willis tells Billy Bob Thorton


B1G has one title in twenty-three years.  (hahahaha you suck)


“Ted” is up for an Academy Award?


Countdown to 2012:  Scientists invent tractor beam


Tigers back (75 wins!).  I guarantee two majors this year from the Collin Kappernick of golf.


When the computers simulate the big game in February, the niners win 2/3 of the time.


The warmest day ever in January (76°) followed the next day by snow.


What the hell is this symbol for?:  76◦


Coincidence of the Week (Qow):  Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry are both from San Francisco (Home of Collin Keaperknick)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Flashback to 1989:  Remember when Ben would always refer to Dr. Seaver’s patients as “mental patients”.


Oops, the record skipped (milly vanillly style) for Beyonce`


Happy B-day TAT (I’ll always love you)


Brady Dirty?  No way!


90’s What the Fun(WTF)movie idea:  Did Tim Robbins really star in a romantic comedy with Einstein as a central character?


Cow:  I’m not saying Callahan sabatoged the super bowl, I’m just saying that he hated the organization that he coached, and he tried to make his friend (coach of the other team) win the game. -Lub


Footlong Fiasco


Happy B-day RDA (I’ll always love you)


All Cappernick can do is run (21 yards in fake loss (win) to the Jake Ryan (Jake Ryan!?! (John Hughes))). 

Not to be confused with Jack Ryan (Hunt for Red October/2012 Vice Presidential Nominee). 


Countdown to 2012: Nasa sends picture of mona lisa smile to moon with laser beams


Sunflower Beat-down:  That was the most lop sided exhibit in the long history of this rivalry.  Domination from start to finish.  Outcome never in doubt.  It was a multiple point defeat.

Thursday, January 17, 2013




Wow:  Refulgence - Lub


No hall of fame


Heisman Hoax.  Sorry Collin


Ruth, Gretzky, Jordan………..Kaepernick?


My recent fascination with the “I’m going a Wichita” has led me to a lyric lookup.  I think it might be referencing bleeding Kansas.


Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar


Rip: 787

Thursday, January 10, 2013

13.02, Oops I forgot to send this yesterday

 Endorsed by

Oregon has season low yardage output.


If you overcook Kraft instant mac, it sprays a residue of alien mucus (from Aliens) all over the microwave.


BTTFow: “Get out of here!  I never knew you did anything creative.”


Flashback to 1989: “In Stereo Where Available”.


We only have a few more weeks of playoffs and then the no more sports until September. L  R.I.P. Frank


Alien mucus is not easy to clean from household appliances.


Die Hard of the Week: “Thanks for the advice.”

Thursday, January 3, 2013


 We can all save on shipping if we do one big order

Good news Leedog

In 1979, McDonalds went classy, and hired the chef at Drake hotel, Chicago.  His first creation: The McNugget.  The debut was so successful that every franchise in the US wanted them.  It didn’t take long for there to be a world wide shortage of chicken.  McDonalds needed a way to temporarily soften the demand for Chicken, so they sent the chef back to the kitchen and he emerged in 1981 with The McRib.  By 1985, the world chicken supply was keeping up with demand and McDonalds discontinued the McRib.  A decade of letters and pitch forks later, McDonalds brought back the McRib in 1994 for limited time.   America went McNuts once again.  McDonalds concluded that the success was due to the novelty of limited availability and have used that model ever since.


Die Hard of the Week:  “Your nothing more than a common thief.” -Bonnie Badeelia.  “I’m an exceptional thief.”  -Hans Goober


Countdown to 2012:  Saint Francis Hospital just bought a million dollar robot….surgeon.


Wow:  Tensegrity – Lub


Craigslist sperm donor story has made national news.


Mary-Louise Parker is almost 50?  She’s a knock out!


Cow:  “Oh yeah? You played at Kansas State?  Did you play for Coach Schneider?” - Lub


Countdown to 2012:  In Iceland you can name your baby anything you want, so long is it’s on the state approved list of names (1,712 male names and 1,853 female name).  They don’t want kids to be made fun of on the playground because of their name.


They’re still at it:  State of Pennsylvania sues NCAA for unjust sanctions.


Andy Reed has more playoff wins than the Chiefs have ever had.


The last QB drafted by the Chiefs to win a game was Tod Blacklidge in 1987


I watched Looper with Joseph gorgeous Levvitt.  It was pretty good, but it was no Inception. 


Ray Lewis, the only original Cleveland Brown on the team will retire.  The first person he sacked in his career was Jim Harbough, the unknown, long-lost brother of his own coach, John Harbough.