Wednesday, March 28, 2012



Remember Chuck

This is Real

I’m not surprised or even upset about Frank.  To quote C-3PO, “It’s our lot in life”.  Nothing good ever happens for K-State.  I knew it would strike midnight at this ball, eventually.  It was like we were in the utopian matrix (you know the one that didn’t work) for a while, it was just too good to be true.  This was expected.


April 15 Marks the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson crashing the Titanic.  Which was of course, to get us into The Great World War.


Wendy’s passed BK for #2 spot.  L  North Pacific Cod!!!


Did you hear that Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address in the hoodie-gate fiasco.   He meant to tweet the address of the shooter (I guess because he wanted the thugs to go loot the guy’s house).  Instead, the lynch mob has been harassing an elderly grandpa and grandma in their 70’s.


They are going “back to the future” and filming “Avatar: Part 2” and “Avatar: Part 3” at the same time.  (2014 and 2015 releases)


Friday’s Megamillions jackpot is $476 Million.    Do you guys want to each chip in a buck and get some group tickets?


Vegas has Tiger at 3:1, to win the Masters.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Shrunken Head

New “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” trailer is out.  Best superhero axe scenes I have ever seen.


Am I the only who routinely spends, oh say 30 seconds having an out-loud conversation with myself at the urinal, thinking I’m all alone, only to discover after the fact, that an anonymous colleague is dropping the kids off at the pool?  Afterwords, I always think:  “How long was I talking? What did I even say?  Was I talking loud enough for them to hear me?”.   I would say this happens to me about once a week.


Russel Crowe to play “Noah” in Bible epic from “Black Swan” director.


A clean room at a microchip factory is 1000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room. (Pop Sci, April 2012)


OK, so this week’s issue sucks.  Give me a break, I’m blowing chunks over here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

12.10, Super Wednesday


Jimmer say:  “#18 is out.”     Confucius say:  “Why not try red?”


Is KC a “Kansas town” or a “Missouri town”?  Is KC a “Big 12 town” or an “SEC town”.  The following is the number of Alumni from the local three D-1 schools that currently reside in the metro:  88,000 KU, 34,000 KSU,  23,000 MU


Who would have known:  New cars (cars less than 50,000 miles) are supposed to lose 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles!  And for over 50,000, its 1 quart every 750 miles, that’s 4 quarts between each oil change!!!


I think maybe Obi-Wan was Euthanized because he was old, and therefore no longer seen as a productive member of society.


Did you hear about the hockey dad that pulled a “Back to School”, and blinded some kid on the opposing team with a laser!  I think it was the goalie during actual play.


The pentagon has developed a robot that can run 18 MPH!  Isn’t that the way five different Will Smith movies started.


Good news Leedog:  Beiber’s legal!


Chevy Volt:  European Car of the Year!  (I guess the fact that they are no longer in production, is moot)


Glock 26’s are going to sell like hot cakes this summer.  Big thanks to Scarlett SoHot-zen.


No Fake-Patty’s Day this year   L