Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everyone Gets My Haircut

You’ve been following me on Humpday…now you can follow Umi and her problems too

Xmen part 7 trailer #2 looks like the best movie of all time.

Tim Dunkin saw kid ghosts in haunted hotel.

Watched ID4 with the kids.  I think I’ve seen it once a year since it came out.  It really is a good movie.

Confucius say the horseshoe is held in captivity.  Jimmer say crap

#FlashbackTo1996 I liked “earth to echo” better the first time I saw it, when it was called “super 8”

#FlashbackTo1996 The Giver blows Stew’s mind

#ForecastTo2014 The Giver blows Stew’s mind

#IHadADream Global You-Time is the phenomenon of using global positioning holography to track a person.  It’s a tool showing various objects or people showing up in the same spot at the same apparent time, OR the same person showing up at apparent multiple locations at the same time.  Zeroing in on someone’s You-Time allows one to alter their space-time in order to more readily track/catch them.  They are the object, the observer/alterer is the subject.

*** Han SNAFU’d parsec.
*** Make excuses all you want.
*** We love.  We forgive.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Albino Marlin

Why the shorts?

Oh Snap.  I just realized it’s Pi-Month!  We’ve wasted so much time already.

#CountdownTo2012 #Morpheus is here

Did K-State get a bad seed? They’ve beaten 7 teams this year that have a better seed than them. #Emaw

Did K-state get a stacked bracket? Some say it’s the hardest regional bracket of all time. #Emaw

#FlappyBird back not soon!!!

#IHadADream I was at my parent’s house on a Saturday afternoon, helping with some routine maintenance.  We had a party to go to, later in the night, so I wanted to shower, but I didn’t want to go all the way “up north” to my house.  But my parents shower was broken, so I asked Mrs. O’Donovan (R.I.P.) if I could shower at her house.  She said yes, but I fell asleep at her house in the guest bedroom.  I missed the party.

*** I agree with Cin.
*** The Goonies ARE good enough.

*** Except Brolin’s shorts.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Golf Alley-oop in Kstate Shirt

I told you #Lorde was awesome

Isaiah had his first soccer game that they enforced “off sides”.   I don’t even think the ref new what “off sides” was.  Jeff G. once said, “It’s the simplest game of all time, with the most complicated rule in all of sports.”

#CountdownTo2012 Plume

Single pixel from #ChineseSatalite is clearly a 777.

#CountdownTo2012 Extra Corporeal Experiences #LubHumpday

Get it? “He’ll be a god to them.” #Lorde

#IHadADream I was a mechanic, mostly bicycles.  A model T-1000 came in the shop (that’s the bike not the terminator) and then <forgot the rest>

#HaikuByStu Submitted by @specificleedog
*** Triumphant feline
*** Killed bats but peed on our stuff
*** Good luck at the farm


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Tim, check out this gem I scored at toys r us

I can only pray that this week’s issue is quality over quantity. #HelloPanda

I love bands that sound like Tea Leoni.  #MsMr #KaysChoice

#CountdownTo2012 Permafrost virus #LubHumpday

The sign of a good band is when you turn up the radio when they come on.  No matter how many times you’ve heard the song or no matter what song it is.  #VampireWeekend

#CountdownTo2012 DX110 #LubHumpday “Nothing to worry about.  Asteroids fly between earth and the moon all the time” No Lubs

#IHadADream we went to Chili’s in KC.  After we ate, I went to the bathroom before leaving.  So I left the to-go box at the table.  While in the bathroom I struck up a lovely conversation with a stranger that lasted until the lobby.  We eventually said our goodbyes and I went to get my leftovers.  But the workers had thrown it away.  So the waiter spooned me on the hostess’ padded bench and said they’d offer me a free jalepeno appetizer as consolation.  I said OK but told him I don’t like spicy food.  So he got mad and yelled, and I yelled back and then I had to sprint through the dark deserted parking lot to my truck, going full serpentine maneuver to evade their vengeful gunfire.

**  Running late for school?
**  88 in a 30

**  Gets you back in time.