Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Golf Alley-oop in Kstate Shirt

I told you #Lorde was awesome

Isaiah had his first soccer game that they enforced “off sides”.   I don’t even think the ref new what “off sides” was.  Jeff G. once said, “It’s the simplest game of all time, with the most complicated rule in all of sports.”

#CountdownTo2012 Plume

Single pixel from #ChineseSatalite is clearly a 777.

#CountdownTo2012 Extra Corporeal Experiences #LubHumpday

Get it? “He’ll be a god to them.” #Lorde

#IHadADream I was a mechanic, mostly bicycles.  A model T-1000 came in the shop (that’s the bike not the terminator) and then <forgot the rest>

#HaikuByStu Submitted by @specificleedog
*** Triumphant feline
*** Killed bats but peed on our stuff
*** Good luck at the farm


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