Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Tim, check out this gem I scored at toys r us

I can only pray that this week’s issue is quality over quantity. #HelloPanda

I love bands that sound like Tea Leoni.  #MsMr #KaysChoice

#CountdownTo2012 Permafrost virus #LubHumpday

The sign of a good band is when you turn up the radio when they come on.  No matter how many times you’ve heard the song or no matter what song it is.  #VampireWeekend

#CountdownTo2012 DX110 #LubHumpday “Nothing to worry about.  Asteroids fly between earth and the moon all the time” No Lubs

#IHadADream we went to Chili’s in KC.  After we ate, I went to the bathroom before leaving.  So I left the to-go box at the table.  While in the bathroom I struck up a lovely conversation with a stranger that lasted until the lobby.  We eventually said our goodbyes and I went to get my leftovers.  But the workers had thrown it away.  So the waiter spooned me on the hostess’ padded bench and said they’d offer me a free jalepeno appetizer as consolation.  I said OK but told him I don’t like spicy food.  So he got mad and yelled, and I yelled back and then I had to sprint through the dark deserted parking lot to my truck, going full serpentine maneuver to evade their vengeful gunfire.

**  Running late for school?
**  88 in a 30

**  Gets you back in time.


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