Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Just when I think the big east couldn’t be any dumber……  Louie-ville is now telling football recruits that they will be playing in the big 12.


Wal-mart has a pingpong table for $90.


I watched twilight for the first time.  You know, it’s not too bad.  I’m not into the action sequences or violence, but I’m captivated by the romantic love story.  L


Walmart tried to charge me $120 to put new single-vision lenses in my old glasses (and that’s with a 20% discount for having bluecross medical).   I didn’t even pay that much for the glasses to begin with!  Is that a good deal?  Does anyone want to occupy the walmart vision center with me?  Only during off-hours of course, I wouldn’t want to make any sort of scene.


I think that stupid vanilla diet barks gave me a tooth ache on Monday.  I wish I had a giant hamster bottle of vanilla diet barks at my desk.

KU lost to Washington State for Mike Leach (yes, the guy who locks up kids in hot tool sheds for a whole day when they are being bad).  I can’t even tell you what Wash. St. mascot is?   I think it’s maybe a dog or a cat.   Hahahaha KU

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1.04, Turkeyday Tuesday


They should make a 5th food group for roasted marshmallow sauce (6th if you count Chick Filet McNuggets)


Hey Calvin Kline:    One—More—Year………..…. One—More—Year…………... One—More—Year….


I can’t take credit for this:  “Blill Snyder makes $150K per win, Turner Gill makes $1 million per win”


6 out of 7 computer polls have K-State ranked 5th in the world!!!!!!!!! So it only makes sense that the 2 human polls have us 16th


On Sunday, Jordy reminded me (twice) how much he likes Akeep Talib


Before Tyler Palco’s first career start he was asked about the patriot’s D that has allowed over 300 pass yards per game this year, to which he responded “Stats are ‘for the birds’ “, making Tyler Palco the first person (besides my mom) since the Woodrow Wilson administration to use the phrase “for the birds”


The goons are busy….now they are recalling the Basehor mayor.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Total Recall, starring:  you name it, Collin Ferrel, Kate beckingsill, ethan Hawk, Jessica Beal, and the Chinese guy from white castle!!!


I can’t stop thinking about marsh mellow sauce L


LOL, the tide will roll into mizzou once every 12 years!


Will we….

Will we someday have streets named “W” in honor of the 43rd prez?  Much like we have a “Quincy” Street.  It’s precedential.


What if….

We all know how “gate” has new meaning.  Stare-gate for example, which we all know as the time I caught Jeff creepily staring at me through my bedroom window as I awoke from slumber.  What if Watergate was called Waterfont, or Watergables?  Or better yet, what if the scandal of the millennium, had just been referred to as “the scandal” or “the presidential investigation”?


Is Aussie pronounced Auzzie?  Stupid 3rd world countries, It’s not spring time, dummies!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Joe-Pa, (PA) is gone.  Hopefully he will rot in Jail for the rest of his days (not many days). L

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Issue #1


Morgan Town is 500 miles from 1/2 of the U.S. population.


Mr. Luck is the A.D. at Morganton.


American Pie, Part 4.  The whole cast is back, including Allyson Hanagan (the least known star of the first few films).  Note, this is not actually the 4th AP, they made 8 or 9 “straight to vids”


Pathetic:  The big east invited 6 mid-majors yesterday.


1/10 big 12 teams serves beer at games.