Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Just when I think the big east couldn’t be any dumber……  Louie-ville is now telling football recruits that they will be playing in the big 12.


Wal-mart has a pingpong table for $90.


I watched twilight for the first time.  You know, it’s not too bad.  I’m not into the action sequences or violence, but I’m captivated by the romantic love story.  L


Walmart tried to charge me $120 to put new single-vision lenses in my old glasses (and that’s with a 20% discount for having bluecross medical).   I didn’t even pay that much for the glasses to begin with!  Is that a good deal?  Does anyone want to occupy the walmart vision center with me?  Only during off-hours of course, I wouldn’t want to make any sort of scene.


I think that stupid vanilla diet barks gave me a tooth ache on Monday.  I wish I had a giant hamster bottle of vanilla diet barks at my desk.

KU lost to Washington State for Mike Leach (yes, the guy who locks up kids in hot tool sheds for a whole day when they are being bad).  I can’t even tell you what Wash. St. mascot is?   I think it’s maybe a dog or a cat.   Hahahaha KU

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