Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Hastings is closing.  I’m a 20 year satisfied customer L


Red cans are in stores.


Kstate leads all local teams in RPI, including 3-loss KU and MU by 20 spots.


Nevermind about Gnarles, he’s staying.  I can’t blame Pete “Christmas” Carol this time.  I guess we’ll take RG|||


The new fries at BK are the bomb in phantoms yo!  They rival the new fries at Long Johns.  Don’t forget the ranch, BK has the best ranch this side of the rio kaw.


Forbes Magazine listed the top 5 most efficient football programs per win:

-K-State $1.08M/win ($10.8M Budget, 10 wins)

-Cinn $1.23M/win

-OSU (Pokes not Pecans or woodchucks) $1.25M/win

-Stan $1.4M/win

-WVU $1.47M/win


BTW:  Texas was the most profitable with $70M net.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Worst over-rated movie line in the history of “zeros and ones”(film):  “How do you like them apples?”.  It sucks because he had to set up the punch line, that’s lazy comedy right there.  Those talentless fools are going to be one and done.  They couldn’t even win “best picture” in ’98, what other pieces of crap were they going up against, “Chocalot” with Johnny Dep or “Memiors of a gaysha”.   JD, now there’s a guy who’s sole goal is to win “best actor”, he tries to force it so hard.  Hey 21 jump street, it aint gonna work, you gotta stop thinking about it, or it will never come, just look at Dan Marino or Doug Flutie.


Headlines in time:  “Kim Jung ||| dead”  


I hear it every year, but every year I adjust the knob on the radio, as if static has caused me to misunderstand:  A big 10 school, a big boy of one of the six power conferences has never been to “the grand ball in the 3rd month of the year”.


Headlines in time:  “KC kicks Packers dairy-air, first loss in 364 days………….Get it?…dairy……haha,LOL,smiley face”


Speaking of planet of the apes, they took the national title this year!  And the Bods signal caller finished a close runner-up in the D2 Heisman (NOT mighty ducks: part II)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



The ladder, not the farmer.


Trailer is out for MIB^3, it’s got the chap from No Country


mist alda jafu jegr typj


Have you ever heard of a team going 8-1 in games decided by 7 or less.


Kate Blanchet is either really good or really bad.


I think Michael Keaton is the male counterpart.


Virginia Tech fans have bought  5000 tickets to the sugar bowl! (source: Fundis)


Packer Green is my 8th favorite shade of green in the NFL.

Seahawks B




Seahawks A




Wednesday, December 7, 2011



In the history of the BCS, K-State has finished the regular season in the BCS top 10, five times (not counting the year they won the championship).  Of those five years, K-State was invited to a total of zero BCS bowl games.  Five Snubs, no invites.


Desperate much?  The KU fans are calling for Glenn Mason.


Did you hear the one about the guy who went jogging wearing a special mask that simulates high-elevation, thin mountain air and a special suit that holds weights.  And he decided to drop something off at the post office during his run.  Next thing you know, a postal employee called 911 stating that a man frantically ran to the post office with a gas mask and body armor trying to shove a suspicious oversized package into a mail box.  The bomb squad showed up and it was all on the news and a friend of the dude called him up and was like “Did you go running today with your strange training gear?” and the dude was like “yeah, why?”


Has anyone outside of Wisconsin heard of a Shrinky dink?  Come on, that can’t be a real thing!  Apparently it’s a safe and healthy kids game involving the burning of tires in the kitchen oven.


Hey KU, get a clue, get a fedora.


Thanks Frank.  Vanderbilts is the official boot outfitter of the K-State basketball team.


Gnarles Barkley in KC.  They are going to go another direction this time and try a USC QB.


Is store-bought turkey dressing the only food in the world that tastes better than made-from-scratch?