Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Worst over-rated movie line in the history of “zeros and ones”(film):  “How do you like them apples?”.  It sucks because he had to set up the punch line, that’s lazy comedy right there.  Those talentless fools are going to be one and done.  They couldn’t even win “best picture” in ’98, what other pieces of crap were they going up against, “Chocalot” with Johnny Dep or “Memiors of a gaysha”.   JD, now there’s a guy who’s sole goal is to win “best actor”, he tries to force it so hard.  Hey 21 jump street, it aint gonna work, you gotta stop thinking about it, or it will never come, just look at Dan Marino or Doug Flutie.


Headlines in time:  “Kim Jung ||| dead”  


I hear it every year, but every year I adjust the knob on the radio, as if static has caused me to misunderstand:  A big 10 school, a big boy of one of the six power conferences has never been to “the grand ball in the 3rd month of the year”.


Headlines in time:  “KC kicks Packers dairy-air, first loss in 364 days………….Get it?…dairy……haha,LOL,smiley face”


Speaking of planet of the apes, they took the national title this year!  And the Bods signal caller finished a close runner-up in the D2 Heisman (NOT mighty ducks: part II)

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