Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Hastings is closing.  I’m a 20 year satisfied customer L


Red cans are in stores.


Kstate leads all local teams in RPI, including 3-loss KU and MU by 20 spots.


Nevermind about Gnarles, he’s staying.  I can’t blame Pete “Christmas” Carol this time.  I guess we’ll take RG|||


The new fries at BK are the bomb in phantoms yo!  They rival the new fries at Long Johns.  Don’t forget the ranch, BK has the best ranch this side of the rio kaw.


Forbes Magazine listed the top 5 most efficient football programs per win:

-K-State $1.08M/win ($10.8M Budget, 10 wins)

-Cinn $1.23M/win

-OSU (Pokes not Pecans or woodchucks) $1.25M/win

-Stan $1.4M/win

-WVU $1.47M/win


BTW:  Texas was the most profitable with $70M net.

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