Thursday, December 27, 2012



Did you hear about the dentist that fired his dental assistant of 10 years.  The reason for termination was irresistible attractiveness.  He was worried that he might cheat on his wife with her.  She sued for sexual discrimination, but the panel of all-male judges dismissed the suit saying “sorry, I can’t blame the guy, your just too darned irresistibly attractive”.


Wow Flashback:  “Computer Files” (See Humpday Hoopla Vol. 94.32)


Damon and Affleck lose the will


The Chiefs have a good punter.


I’m on a crowe bender.  Just watch Elizabethtown.  I can’t wait for his next, starting emma stone and Bradley cooper.


Countdown to 2012:  Ison to be brighter than the moon.


I just can’t get excited about basketball this year, even though we just beat a top 10 team on a neutral floor.  It’s just too sad watching Franks players out there.


Die Hard of the week:  “Oh the weather outside is frightful, dum dee dum delightful.”


The guy who played Ralphie in Christmas Story is now 41 and firmly entrenched in the Vaugn/Favrough brand.  He produced The break-up, 4 Christmases and Iron Man.  He also directed couples retreat.


NG-STOW: “Tea. Earl-Grey. Hot.”

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12.50, Golden Eagle White Christmas

 This animated gif was just taken by a friend of mine

Countdown to 2012:  Blizzard of 2012


Die Hard of the Week:  “It’s Christmas Theo, it’s the time of miracles!” (See Humpday Hoopla Vol. 89.50)


Countdown to 2012:  The KBI dug up the bodies of the “In Cold Blood” killers in connection with a 1959 murder in Florida.


It’s Marc Dunn/Ell Roberson all over again:  Cats bring in Juco QB who broke Cam Newtrons passing record.  Sure, you say, he threw 39 TD’s this year, but I say don’t forget the interception.


Ducockis is back.


Countdown to 2012:  It’s 2012!


I told you a year ago, the Chiefs should have nabbed Kirk Kuzzins


TCU scores 31 points!  (not football)


Ducks and Cats have combined for 11 finishes in the top 10 since 1995.  Prior to 1995 they have combined for 1, which was Oregon in 1948.  I didn’t even know that Oregon was a state in 1948.


It looks like the human Genome Smith will be in red next year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.49, 12-12-12-12-12-12.12

 Back to the well. I think I could look at this picture every day until I die, and I still smile every time I see it

Stat of the week:  16% of online holiday shopping conducted on toilet


James Cameraman announces that Avitar sequal-trillogy (part 2, 3 and 4) will be filmed with high frame rate, but like beta/vhs he is waiting to see what the industry adopts, whether it’s 48 fps or 60.


Trailer-palooza:  M. Night shamalamadingdong’s “After Earth” with Rapper Fresh Prince and Christopher nolan’s “man of steel” both released yesterday.  2013, were it to exist, would have shaped up to be one of the best years in film, of all time.


Notre Dame is going to astro-turf carpet next year.  So why not Lambo?


One more exhibition game left in the sports season, then we wait for September L


Did you hear about the handyman that was forced to fix a few household appliances at gunpoint.


Countdown to 2012:  Hundreds of Thousands of genetically modified mosquitos to be released in Florida


I bought the new Jason born movie.  I went with the combo pack:  Blue Ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and Ultra Violet.  That’s four times the Renner!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



55 for 9


5 for 7


Frozen Head of the Week:  Happy Birthday to Walt Disney


Calipari’s Paisans, suffer worst poll drop in history.  Bayler is good at shattering dreams.


Old News:  Brandon Weedon is older than Aaron Rodger


New memoirs of a geisha coffee at starbucks is $6 for a small cup.


Pile on Peter:  The Hobbit reviews are pouring in


Michael Bishop went undefeated, but lost to Ricky Williams in the Heisman voting.  Williams lost to K-State that year and was quoted as saying “I got the ball and all I saw was purple”.


Darren Sproles rushed for 2000 yards and won the first conference championship since Pappy Waldorf in 1934….he finished 5th in the voting.


Cline beat 6 ranked teams this year.  Johnny football only played 4 ranked teams and went 2-2.


I hope we don’t drop out of the top 10 when we beat Oregon.


PSA:  Brandon Marshall waxes “performance” enhancing drugs.


Duwane Bo is at it again.


KU is only team in the Big 12 that isn’t bowl eligible.


Man Crush Alert:  Born Identity:  Part IV comes out on Tuesday.


No team in the big 12 has lost to a non-bowl eligible team.


Got crops?  Cats 4-peat national title


I re-watched Batman Eight last night.  It was better the second time, I think because my expectations were a not set at a notch above “the greatest work of art in human history”, like when I watched the midnight showing.


Jeremy Renner is Sexy.