Thursday, December 27, 2012



Did you hear about the dentist that fired his dental assistant of 10 years.  The reason for termination was irresistible attractiveness.  He was worried that he might cheat on his wife with her.  She sued for sexual discrimination, but the panel of all-male judges dismissed the suit saying “sorry, I can’t blame the guy, your just too darned irresistibly attractive”.


Wow Flashback:  “Computer Files” (See Humpday Hoopla Vol. 94.32)


Damon and Affleck lose the will


The Chiefs have a good punter.


I’m on a crowe bender.  Just watch Elizabethtown.  I can’t wait for his next, starting emma stone and Bradley cooper.


Countdown to 2012:  Ison to be brighter than the moon.


I just can’t get excited about basketball this year, even though we just beat a top 10 team on a neutral floor.  It’s just too sad watching Franks players out there.


Die Hard of the week:  “Oh the weather outside is frightful, dum dee dum delightful.”


The guy who played Ralphie in Christmas Story is now 41 and firmly entrenched in the Vaugn/Favrough brand.  He produced The break-up, 4 Christmases and Iron Man.  He also directed couples retreat.


NG-STOW: “Tea. Earl-Grey. Hot.”

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