Wednesday, December 5, 2012



55 for 9


5 for 7


Frozen Head of the Week:  Happy Birthday to Walt Disney


Calipari’s Paisans, suffer worst poll drop in history.  Bayler is good at shattering dreams.


Old News:  Brandon Weedon is older than Aaron Rodger


New memoirs of a geisha coffee at starbucks is $6 for a small cup.


Pile on Peter:  The Hobbit reviews are pouring in


Michael Bishop went undefeated, but lost to Ricky Williams in the Heisman voting.  Williams lost to K-State that year and was quoted as saying “I got the ball and all I saw was purple”.


Darren Sproles rushed for 2000 yards and won the first conference championship since Pappy Waldorf in 1934….he finished 5th in the voting.


Cline beat 6 ranked teams this year.  Johnny football only played 4 ranked teams and went 2-2.


I hope we don’t drop out of the top 10 when we beat Oregon.


PSA:  Brandon Marshall waxes “performance” enhancing drugs.


Duwane Bo is at it again.


KU is only team in the Big 12 that isn’t bowl eligible.


Man Crush Alert:  Born Identity:  Part IV comes out on Tuesday.


No team in the big 12 has lost to a non-bowl eligible team.


Got crops?  Cats 4-peat national title


I re-watched Batman Eight last night.  It was better the second time, I think because my expectations were a not set at a notch above “the greatest work of art in human history”, like when I watched the midnight showing.


Jeremy Renner is Sexy.

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