Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12.47, Jackpot

 J-E-T-S - Jets - Jets - Jets

San Fran approved new building code to allow 220 square foot apartments.  The rent is expected to start at only $1500/month!


Countdown to 2012:  Solar Maximum Event


Did you hear that America considered blowing up the moon in the 1950’s to intimidate Russians?


D-Bo waited in line outside the visitor’s locker room on Sunday, waiting for a peyton (helmet not headphones) autograph like pimply faced ace ventura.


Open Gangman Style is the most popular You Tube video of all time.


Wow:  portmanteau - Lub


Did you hear that Jeneene garafolo was married for 20 years before finding out about it?


Countdown to 2012:  No reported cases of stabbings or shootings in New York City on Monday.


If the season were over today, Notre Dame is projected to finish in either 1st or 2nd place in the BCS standings and therefore have a chance to play for the BCS title.


Collon, you got robbed by a nickname.  A stupid one at that.  Can’t they just put football after anyone’s name?  Stewie Football.   Leedog Football.  See?  Lee still sucks with the “greatest nickname of all time”.


I thought trailer #1 for Lay-mizz looked epic, but trailer #2 looks a little “Siegfried & Roy” if you know what I mean.


54 for 9

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