Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12.45, Four Starr

The Trophy - - - - - - - - - - Go Cline


2 for 7




Chiefs lead!!! During a game!!!  (first time in a year)


He’s the puxxa tony phil of the south.  Brasstown’s new year’s possum drop has been outlawed, due to Peta protests.  Brasstown, NC is the possum capital of the world, or at least they were the possum capital of the world.  Hahahahahahah (Dr. Claw evil Laugh)


Shirtless thinker


I’m so sad about K-State.  Poor Bill.  We were “this close”.  L


Since the founding of the big 12, K-State has the third most players in the NFL.  (Don’t mess with Boomers)


Critics are hammering “The Hobbit:  Part 1” for its use of HFR (filmed at 50 fps rather than traditional 25 fps).  Peter Jackson says, “sure it looks like a cheap soap opera, but I assure you it cost twice as much to look that cheap, so you better stop complaining and enjoy it”


Lighting does indeed strike twice.  Carthage, MO:  Home of Splatterware and Precious Moments.


I know that I’ve done something bad when I walk into the laundry room and the washing machine has moved 3 feet.


52 for 9


Spiderman, Part IV was OK.  I will say it was better than any toby macquire movie and any sam ramie move.  Save Evil Dead 2 (that goes without saying)


Come get some!

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