Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pre Covid

I started drafting this email over a year ago, so I decided to just keep the subject line the same as what I typed at that time.


Let me be the first to congratulate Patrick Mahomes on being the regular season MVP.


I’ve seriously been addicted to NES Monopoly lately. Check out this final score beatdown on my 9 year old son.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t tell whether the Arby’s logo was a cowboy hat or a roast beef sandwich bun. I was so dumb.


Sometimes I talk to my son, the one who hates me, and after getting literally no response from him, I have to calmly wonder if maybe I’ve been dead the whole movie and he can’t see me.


I can’t wait until Most Stuf 2: Most Stuffer


I never understood why in movies when someone loses the connection on a phone, they rapidly tap on the hang-up button while saying “Hello? Hello?”. Why would someone do that, they’re just hanging up a bunch of times. No one is going to be there.


Since age 10, I was convinced that richard dean anderson posed for the cover of tecmo baseball. In 2020 I decided to google search it.  I’m equally convinced that I am the first person to ever type that in a google search

Current Events: I agree with my father-in-law, Jo Dee Messina’s singing voice is almost indistinguishable from Billy Gilman’s.


The new urinal cakes in the office bathroom smell like Bubble Yum. I want to eat them.


Is the Arby’s logo a hat or a bun?