Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Dork Thinks he's gonna drown #BTTF

Time to get nuts. You wanna get nuts? . . . let’s get nuts

Brian’s first trip to Villa and he invents a new dish, The taco-hotdog. We’ll miss you bry bry.


Who’s got two thumbs and can’t get enough of the new Dunkin Donuts? #MyDunkin

#TheGiver was a great movie. #ICTLife

#Keaton is back

We should have known, that of course voice activation would require a computer to listen (and record) everything you say. 2015 is quickly being a year where a lot of “crazy” stuff from Back to the Future II is suddenly coming out . . . it’s all very scary if you think about it. #ElizabethShue

If #JackBauer is Crack in video form, then #serial is Cereal in audio form

Ahh, the benefits of having a project on California Ave.  #31Flavors

#Spiderman is back home in the universe. Good? :I  #Lub

#Tow (teeshirt of the week) #ILoveJordy

Where has #Nutella been all my life

. . . and one more because, well . . . #ElizabethShue hat trick

#IHadADream there was an attack during a deep space mission while two people were space walking. So, in a fury, I teleported to save them but alas I teleported someplace else by mistake, and the girl in the ship— #ElizabethShue — was trying to locate me. In the chaos, she accidently teleported herself, leaving our ship empty, and leaving me on my own in deep space, cold and alone, with four minutes of air remaining.

#HaikuByStu #ILoveJordy
*** Always ask yourself,
*** when dilithium hits fan
*** What would Geordie do?