Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rushed Vintage Corn Dog

Nothing beats the dog food aisle

Happy half-dollar corndog day. Corn dogs for three meals is too much. I think I’ll go somewhere else for din din.

In the past few weeks I just binge heard all 85 “Go Bayside” podcasts. Each one is an in-depth hour long review of each epp. I’m so sad it’s over. All other podcasts have no flavor to me anymore.

I’m going to Green Bay this spring. I can’t decide if I should fly from KCI directly to Green Bay because if I instead fly to Milwaukee and drive the rest of the way then I can visit Bronze Fonz.

So who is  The Last Jedi? Cuz if they say it’s the princess, then I’m saying too soon bruh

Jason Bateman got 8 votes in the student body presidential election at Bayside High in 1989

Holy cow, has anyone else seen the Switch super bowl commercial that came out today? I guess I’ll be camping out at Walmart again.

Speaking of camping out with my fine feathered friends from Hyrule, I can’t stop playing my NES classic, ever since I finally found one last week.

I just watched Pawn Sacrifice starring Tobey MacGuire . . . best chess movie I think I’ve ever seen.

*** We needed two things
*** Zack Morris and Nintendo

*** It was simpler times