Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week of Stew

I think Carrie Matheson’s boss is my favorite character of all time.  #PrincessBride

Not to be confused with my favorite actor of all time.  

Another golf #snoozefest .  #Tiger please get well soon.

Homeland Season 2 is great.  They have such good acting on those premium cable shows.

I was dropping off a yard sign at 4218 Moundview.  That’s when I found out there are two houses (literally two houses apart) that have the same address.  How does that happen?

Speaking of yard signs, #VoteForBecky

It’s 2014, can we please figure out as a society how to print from a web browser.

Thirty-two ounce diet doc and a coney for $2 at 7:00 AM . . . best breakfast ever 

Sometimes one hit wonders are really good.  Remember how great #FionaApple was?  That song was like once-in-a-decade good.  I think #MegMeyers Desire is that type of good.

That dog is the luckiest life form on earth.

#IHadADream A stray beagle lived inside the spigot on my house.  So I put a saucer of water out for him.  He came out of the spigot and had his fill of water and then he ran off.  Then a golden retriever puppy came out.  He too had his fill before running after his beagle friend.  “They’ll come back” I said, “if they know what’s good for them.”

*** I wake, cold, bruised, stuck.
*** Must reach, need weapon from ice.
*** Clear Mind, use the Force.

#FirstWorldProblems #PandaExpress

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thrice Bitten

THIS JUST IN of the week #JowHumpday : Tried #PandaExpress for the first time . . . Where has this been all my life?

#KingJames LeBack?

I never understood the “ #SillyRabbit Trix are for kids” commercial.  I mean, the rabbit is a kid rabbit, so it should be OK.

I think #CapitalCities – Safe and Sound, is my favorate video.  The actual song itself, is definitely in my top one thousand favorite songs.

West Ridge Lanes burger better than Gage Bowls.

THIS JUST IN of the week:  #JackWhite – Alone in My Home, incredible.

#IHadADream I went to the pizza hut corporate headquarters to pick up my pizza.  They were running a promotion where you could bring in your old pizza and get a discount on a new pizza.  So I had a slice in my zipper pocket (Napoleon Dynamite Style).  While waiting outside for service, I taught some kids how to juggle.  Then my father-in-law flew by with a helicopter hat.  He hovered like Kazoo, the green genie from Flintstones.

*** Berets, escargot,….
*** Nothing good came from France, but

*** Au Jus and Jean Luc.