Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week of Stew

I think Carrie Matheson’s boss is my favorite character of all time.  #PrincessBride

Not to be confused with my favorite actor of all time.  

Another golf #snoozefest .  #Tiger please get well soon.

Homeland Season 2 is great.  They have such good acting on those premium cable shows.

I was dropping off a yard sign at 4218 Moundview.  That’s when I found out there are two houses (literally two houses apart) that have the same address.  How does that happen?

Speaking of yard signs, #VoteForBecky

It’s 2014, can we please figure out as a society how to print from a web browser.

Thirty-two ounce diet doc and a coney for $2 at 7:00 AM . . . best breakfast ever 

Sometimes one hit wonders are really good.  Remember how great #FionaApple was?  That song was like once-in-a-decade good.  I think #MegMeyers Desire is that type of good.

That dog is the luckiest life form on earth.

#IHadADream A stray beagle lived inside the spigot on my house.  So I put a saucer of water out for him.  He came out of the spigot and had his fill of water and then he ran off.  Then a golden retriever puppy came out.  He too had his fill before running after his beagle friend.  “They’ll come back” I said, “if they know what’s good for them.”

*** I wake, cold, bruised, stuck.
*** Must reach, need weapon from ice.
*** Clear Mind, use the Force.

#FirstWorldProblems #PandaExpress

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