Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Countdown to 2012:  Cockroaches have evolved to avoid poison

Office Space:  NASA puts shuttle launch pad up for lease

Slow news week when Amanda Bines is the top story on CNN and Fox News.

Am I the only one who hates every maroon 5 song


Wow:  Martian Lizard Rodent – Lub   

That LaForge is faster than Walt Flanagan’s dog.

Boneless Original Recipe tastes like Original Recipe without the bone.  I can’t emphasize that enough.

Countdown to 2012:  George Orwell probably never guessed we’d have the camera’s strapped to our heads….voluntarily.

Wait a minute.  “Fields of gold” and “I’ll be watching you” were actually two different songs?

Finally a good upgrade.   Autocomplete has returned in the new internet explorer.  I love early 90’s technology.

Sting!!! (Kahn voice)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013



I don't know . . . if this week's issue is up to snuff, so here is another pic . . . get it? "I don't know"

OK Prayers

I’m still processing it, so I’m not sure if it was as good as the first one, but the Klingons were terrifying.

I saw silver linings last night.  J-Law is back atop the leaderboard.

Rachel McAdams stars as the time travelers wife

Countdown to 2012:  1998 QE2

Rachel McAdams stars as the time travelers wife

Come son of Jorel, kneel before Zod……holy cow, new trailer today…...”for every human you save, we will kill a million more”

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

13.20, Get to the Choppa 25th Anniversary


Jack is back….jack bower!!!

Wow:  Gallon Smashing – Lub

Rip White

Woman of the Week (WW): Angelina –Lub

Tesla wins top car in consumer reports (not top electric car….top car)

Bleeding:  Aint nobody got time for dat. 

KU lands top recruit….I guess it pays to be a Jayhawk

Go Pelicans!

midnight showing of Darkness tonight!

Move over bitcoin. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

13.19, 2207 Seymour


When I was little, I used to think that the magazine for a gun came with bullets already inside and I also thought the whole magazine was disposable.  Because Bruce Willis and Mel Gipson would just leave spent magazines on the ground during a gun fight.

Who’s the gal who played Eponine in Lay Mizz?  Holy Schneickies, buy stock now

Flashback to 1922:  Dow 1500

Countdown to 2012:  Brood II coming in 2013

Mission 5!

Flashback to 1922:  Gatsby

Iron Man was a lot different than the other two (I guess because John Favrow didn’t direct).  It was good, maybe the best one….I don’t know, hard to say. 

Somebody’s getting fired over this one of the week (Fow):  Did you hear about that school in Oregon that decided to have a unannounced mass shooting drill!!!  All of the sudden some guy in a ski mask bursts into the teachers’ lounge and starts firing blanks at all the teachers. 

Followed up Kahn with “undiscovered country” and “voyage home” (in that order).  I’m starting the kids off with the good ones first….It’s the famous rule of evens (2,4,6,8,10).  I could probably substitute insurrection for nemesis, only because warf goes through reverse puberty.  I should have just bought the whole set….I’m gonna end up spending over a C-note by the time I assemble the whole blue rey collection

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

13.18. Star Wars Week

Revenge is a served cold

Angel in the Outfield Saves Devil............Ray

I can’t get enough of that pitbull song with the “take on me” riff.

Did anyone else think it was not-right to put the logo for the movie ghostbusters: part 2 in the movie ghostbusters: part 2?  …..well played Ivan Stewart Riteman. 

What’s a riff?

If peeing you pants is cool, consider the Chiefs Niles Davis.

Countdown to 2012:  No Twinkies

I know it won’t hurt, but I still can’t make myself rip a Band-aid off fast.  

Have you seen the banned Hyundai ad, where the guy tries to kill himself by running the car engine in a closed garage?  It’s actually very depressing.  Somebody’s getting fired over this one.

Countdown to 2012:  Planet of the apes style head in Hudson  

Boston Bom mom says, “it wasn’t blood in the photos… was paint….classic setup….I’ve seen it a thousand times.”

May the 4th….

Dow:  “Hans, bouby.  I’m your white night.” -Lub

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just discovered Amy Winehouse….awesome.

Google glass:  This too is tingling my mark-of-the-beast spidey-senses

It is very cold in space

Flashback to 1987: “Screech, look on the bright side.   If we hit you when you’re playing the foul pole, then it’s a home run!” –Lub

Wow:  Spidey-sense -Lub

Rip: Tebow?

Italians too proud to make pizza  

Counting sheep, just got easier

Snow is coming to town this May. 

 Countdown to 2012:  Space Debris

I just watched Zero Dark thirty.  Jessica is now my new fave….sorry Jennifer (J-La)