Wednesday, May 1, 2013

13.18. Star Wars Week

Revenge is a served cold

Angel in the Outfield Saves Devil............Ray

I can’t get enough of that pitbull song with the “take on me” riff.

Did anyone else think it was not-right to put the logo for the movie ghostbusters: part 2 in the movie ghostbusters: part 2?  …..well played Ivan Stewart Riteman. 

What’s a riff?

If peeing you pants is cool, consider the Chiefs Niles Davis.

Countdown to 2012:  No Twinkies

I know it won’t hurt, but I still can’t make myself rip a Band-aid off fast.  

Have you seen the banned Hyundai ad, where the guy tries to kill himself by running the car engine in a closed garage?  It’s actually very depressing.  Somebody’s getting fired over this one.

Countdown to 2012:  Planet of the apes style head in Hudson  

Boston Bom mom says, “it wasn’t blood in the photos… was paint….classic setup….I’ve seen it a thousand times.”

May the 4th….

Dow:  “Hans, bouby.  I’m your white night.” -Lub

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just discovered Amy Winehouse….awesome.

Google glass:  This too is tingling my mark-of-the-beast spidey-senses

It is very cold in space

Flashback to 1987: “Screech, look on the bright side.   If we hit you when you’re playing the foul pole, then it’s a home run!” –Lub

Wow:  Spidey-sense -Lub

Rip: Tebow?

Italians too proud to make pizza  

Counting sheep, just got easier

Snow is coming to town this May. 

 Countdown to 2012:  Space Debris

I just watched Zero Dark thirty.  Jessica is now my new fave….sorry Jennifer (J-La)

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