Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Home Video

Speaking of Home Video

We got Crang!

It’s that time of year again when the tap water smells like fishy lake water. #RatherBeInFlint #TooSoon

I watched The Martian on home video again, for the fourth time. I’ve always said it was one of my top 5 favorite movies, but I think I might have to rethink that status . . . I’m really under selling it.

The new suicide squad trailer isn’t as good as the last one. But I’m glad they went “back to the well” for another Wayne’s World soundtrack song.

Self-lacing shoes in 2016. Rober Zemeckis is so stupid

I watched Everest with Jake Jillinhunk and then I was still jonesing for some authentic high-altitude mountain climbing action. Time to re-watch a little vertical limit. As I told leedog, it’s got the guy who plays Grandma Tarkin in the next movie in the “star wars story” series. A series I’ve grown very fond of, over the years. I also told leedog I just can’t take a movie seriously that includes Bill Paxon. I know, I know you say “What about the classics . . . Titanic, Aliens, Apollo13 or Weird Science?” Game over man.

By the way, Leedog was also very satisfied to correct me and point-out that Grandma Tarkin is not the same actor who played the bad guy from Vanilla Sky. They are just Dinglehoppers. And if your picturing the guy in your mind who played Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever, your wrong Kurt Russell was the “Good Guy” in Vanilla Sky. Technically the protagonist is the good guy, but you know what I mean. The guys from Real Genius was “a” good guy. I think.

#IHadADream I went to mass on Saturday evening instead of my usual Sunday morning. And good thing I did because I bumped into my old pals the Ghostbusters. The three original Ghostbusters were there. Of course I had been the fourth Ghostbuster, back in the day, not Ernie Hudson. The gang was getting back in business and they invited me over to the firehouse to see their new operation. They wanted to try it out on me. I said no way because of course ghostbusting means they hit you coming in the door with chloroform and then when you're in a state of semi-consciousness they hypnotize you and thinking you see ghosts. Then of course they go in and take care the ghosts, which never existed to begin with. So anyway, finally in the end I did decide to go and see their new operation and be a test subject because I'm a sucker for being involved with the gang.

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP No. 45 of 50